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Italian Restaurants in Puerto Escondido

by Linda Green and company
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Italian Restaurants
  • Andres: Av. Gasga, east. Lasagna, thin crust pizza
  • Marios Pizza Land: Av. Gasga, east. Traditional Pizza, one of the first restaurants in town
  • Benditos: Av. Gasga, east. Spinach Fettucini & secret cheese formula for their pizza
  • La Galeria: Av. Gasga, west end. Pasta al Dente, great house made bread
  • La Casa de la Pasta: Av. Perez Gasga, next to Banamex. Classic Napolese style pizza
  • Happy Pizza: Av. Gasga, east. Pizza by the slice
  • Luna Rossa: On the Rinconada. Specialty - fish wrapped in anise, designer ravioli
  • Il Pastaio: Blvd. Benito Juárez, Rinconada. Good ravioli
  • El Jardin: Playa Zicatela, in front of Hotel Olas Altas. Hummus, sandwiches, gelato
  • The Hosteria: They have a wide variety of options
The Italian film, Puerto Escondido*, was released in 1992 and was a new way to show the beauty of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, México. Think "The Night of the Iguana" on a similar beach north of us.

That film brought many Italians to our shores and always the question raised is, "Where shall we go for an Italian Dinner?" The Italian-Mexican community has been the delight of many tourists and locals alike in Puerto Escondido. The Italian-Mexican marriages have given us a new blend and have inspired the families to be part of the commercial restaurant business.

The best pizza - with your choice of traditional thin crust or Chicago style deep dish are available. You will also find a full selection of soups, salads such as the caprese and of course, good olive oil and great pesto! Also, don't miss out on the delicious postres - ItaloMexicano.

Most of the restaurants have a nice ambiance. Paintings, photos and candles highlight their previous lives in Italy and the menus have a wonderful Mexican touch here and there. The owners oversee all and pay attention to taste, presentation and freshness.

* In the 1992 Italian film, Puerto Escondido, Mario leads a normal life, working in a Milan bank. His daily routine is shattered when he witnesses a murder and is shot himself by the killer, a deranged police commissioner. To save his life, he must abandon his life and flee to Puerto Escondido, Mexico. When he runs out of money he teams up with Alex and Anita, a couple of Italians that will lead him on to a series of adventures and encounters with drug dealers, corrupt police officers and other weird characters. [Plot summary from www.imbd.com]

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