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Things To Do in Puerto Escondido

by "cewjalw" (Mark) and Gourmet Gossip
from the Puerto Escondido Visitors' Comments
February 4, 2009
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Playa Zicatela

Barra de Navidad Colotepec

What an amazing time. The people in the condo next to ours came up to me and asked what is there to do in Puerto after you hit the beaches?

At first I sat there stunned then as they were still waiting for an answer I said well This what we do: we been spending time with Whales and boating with dolphins, we have been fishing (17 kilo dorado) according to my guide (Levy). We went horse back riding on the Zicatella. We attended the Blues festival at the Split Coconut as well La hacienda. Where we saw Igor Prado and i have not been the same since. What a musician. We went on a walking tour with Gina (who i had been reading about for 4 years so it was great to meet the legend.) She was not only knowledgeable but you could see she loves what she does and she loves Puerto and that comes out in her tours. I strongly recommend a tour with Gina. We spent time in the markets the Principal is the favorite and it’s where we got our vegetables. Super CHE was even fun until we made the mistake of going in on New Years Eve. We had dinner with friends and family downtown, the beach, and Rinconada.

We found places we love to eat and we returned week after week some favorites were the Cafecita for breakfast, the El Nene for Cajun chicken, In fact most of the restaurants on the Rinconada we found to be very good...of course some are better than others and we barbequed at home. We played ping pong at Francisco’s and used his computers; we watched movies and met Tony who hangs at the Minisuper. Everyone was just Puerto and we loved it. We played on the beaches, every damn one of them. We hit the beaches harder than the troops at Normandy.

We ate lobster and oysters on the Bacocho. We tested our nerve with the monster waves on the Zicatella. We snorkeled at Manzanillo. We climbed 164 stairs to Carrizalillo We drove out to the Manialtepec Laguna aprox 10 miles from PE it was beautiful.

When you spend that much time you cant help but meet some of the town characters. With anyone who had been in PE for a while I asked about this forum and Tom Zap's web pages. Most said the same thing that there was 5 guys who run their mouths on here stiring the pot; the rest really love their Puerto.

We met with Canadains, Americans and Europeans and we asked the same question why here why Puerto, the best answers were “you have to be here to understand” or Its a well known fact with the locals “that is where God has a house”.

We spent lots of nights on the Adoquín buying trinkets or just people watching. The best tacos are on the Adoquín as well as we really enjoyed Los Crotos. We ate supper at Barra de Navidad Colotepec right on the river. Not really a restaurant but more of ... well its just hard to explain, a call is made and there is a table out the back of some one's place on the river and you get dinner and its incredible.

Day trips to Agua Blanca (oysters as big as your fist) and Manzunte (whale watching) and Zipolite (naked people watching). Agua Blanca is a beach about 25 kilometers east of Puerto Escondido. Turn off of highway 200 at the KM 173 marker. In season, the oysters are superb--plump, mild and clean. Bring an umbrella or hat, because the only shade is by the palapa-restaurants. The wave-protected tidepools are sandy-bottomed and are from ankle to four feet deep. You can snorkel or walk up the beach and surf (body or board). The beach restaurants will bring you ceviche, shrimp, beer, soda, totopos (chips) for not a lot of dinero. It's still fairly pristine and not crowded during the week.

We put our daughter in school she is 3-1/2 and she speaks both languages (Mom is Mexican) for 4 hours, two days a week and she had a blast. It also gave us some alone time and hit the Blue Gym in town.

So back to my neighbours question, What is there to do in PE well for us there is just so much and there is a lot more such as property hunting, etc. We found 5 weeks not long enough for all we wanted to see and do. So we will be doing it all again next February and every year till we can stay for good and people will come and ask us why Puerto and we will say "its a known fact that God has a house here"

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