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Though this recent visit marks our 9th visit, I would like to share a couple of new experiences --

Gina Machorro Espinosa -- A wonderful person for a true insight into the inner life of Pto. Her tour and knowledge makes the seasoned visitor step back and reflect on the many layers of life, culture, history and food, in the community. I highly recommend the morning tour as a must do into the heart and soul of Puerto Escondido, for both the returning visitor and the first time experience. Highlights --- Dina's tamales, the hand made tortillas, and anijitos at Majordomo.

At Gina's recommendation I made an impromptu visit to the lagoons of Colotepec. Though a bit rough and ragged around the edges and quite new, it is an impressive statement of the ecological treasures that abound in the area. The bird population is awesome, and with a little facilities development and marketing, a great place to visit. But saying that, the flora and fauna, and the estuary, as it presently exists, are worthy of the visit. And if you are so lucky to see more than a momentary glimpse, there are some big crocodiles in the lagoon.

And for eating, I would like to give a high recommendation for the restaurant at the Hotel Flor de Maria. Over the years we have tried and revisited most every restaurant in Pto. this visit, well, we chose to have most of our dinners there. There is a new ownership, Paul Mader and Joanne Simpson, and they have brought their flair of restaurant experience (18 year) to the existing menu and the introduction of new evening specialties. Definitely high on my recommendation list for fun, exciting food with a polished local and international flavor.

Puerto Escondido is a wonderful experience, free from the crassness of the destination resort mentality I think it is everyone's responsibility to help maintain the uniqueness and beauty of a local community and not be over run with the plastic veneer of development.

Morry Fealy
April 2001

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