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Seventh Annual Report, Summer 2008

La Biblioteca de San Agustinillo

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We begin this yearly update filled with pride and emotion for Cielo Fajardo Rodriguez and Andrea Olivera Peralta, first and second place winners for the State of Oaxaca in the 'EL Niņo y La Mar' National Art Contest. Cielo and her mother joined the other first place winners from each state in Mexico on July 21 in Mexico City. After visiting Los Pinos, home of the President, and other sightseeing, the group travelled to Verzcruz and Puerto Vallarta. They stayed in DELUXE HOTELS, swam with the dolphins, and had a ball.

They were treated like queens and kings. Cielo's photo appeared twice in the Puerto Vallarta daily newspaper ! When she and her mom returned, Bunchie, her dad, had a big surprise party awaiting them. It was the first time in an airplane for both Cielo and Maribel, her mom. On your next visit to San Agustinillo, be sure to stop by Paraiso del Pescador to say 'Felicidades' to Cielo. Also visit Andrea (our second place winner) at the tienda across from the library. In September, we will all go to Oaxaca City for the official ceremony for the Oaxaca winners.

Other library activities have given us equal satisfaction:

Circe and Carla, two young women from Selva Negra, an ecological educational group out of Guadalajara, have headed several new activities. They are 'assigned' to our area for 3 years, the focus being 'ecology through art' in the schools and our library. One new activity has been educational and interesting films that are shown in the evenings at the library. We are hoping to make it a regular event.

Regular visitor Amy Picard held a weaving workshop in June. We had a great turnout! The following week I saw all the kids' weavings hanging in their homes and even their cars!!! THANKS AMY! We look forward to your next visit.

Conchita once again created projects for 3 Kings' Day, Candelaria, and Xmas (piņatas from the trees outside the library!). Conchita is concerned about and committed to the teaching of Mexican and indigenous traditions and roots. She brought the AZTEC DANCERS from Mexico City to San Agustinillo once again.

The computer room is still going strong, thanks to help from the Collins family and friends. We have discovered that laptops work best for us. So, Bob made sure we got several used ones. He contacted friends who had extras, and THANKS to Janet and John Laurance and Shauna Reedy, who schelped them down here last Xmas, we now have more computers and fewer repair bills!! Any used laptops you may have (not TOO old) would be appreciated.

When you visit this winter, you will see a freshly painted Library and Casa Municipal.

SPECIAL THANKS AND MUCH APPRECIATION TO PAULINA, BASSIA, LISA, MICHAL, DENEL, AND LAURA FOR THEIR DAILY EFFORTS IN THE LIBRARY. Each woman devotes or has devoted one day a week to the library. Please express your appreciation to them next time you stop by the library.

The decline of the American economy has affected our little part of the world also. Fewer donations will prevent us from continuing many of the children's projects this coming year. As long as we can pay the electric bill we will stay open. But we hope that the library will continue to grow and provide cultural activities for the children and adults of our community. Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Donations, as usual, can be made in cash, check or PAYPAL. See our website for details bibliotecadesanagustinillo.org or write to Carole or Nancy with any questions you may have.

It's hard to believe we are in our seventh year....We couldn't do it without all of you....Mil gracias......Carole and Nancy



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