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Eighth Annual Report, Summer 2009

La Biblioteca de San Agustinillo

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It is with great pleasure that we begin this newsletter with excellent news... Yet again (how does this happen?), we have two winners in the EL NINO Y LA MAR national art contest. JENNIFER ORDONEZ OLIVERA has won second place in the state of Oaxaca. Many of you remember Jenny as a regular library attendee, very sweet, smart, and amiable. Be sure to extend your congratulations to her on your next visit to the 'pueblo.’ An Honorable Mention was awarded to Naiya Kadoch. Naiya lives in Mazunte and is an active participant in children’s programs at the library. Please congratulate her when you see her at the library. We are awaiting notice of the awards ceremony, which will take place in OAXACA CITY...

Other good news is that we have started our music program. As you may remember, we received a grant from AHIMSA FOUNDATION to begin this program. We received a thousand dollars from them, which is a not a grand sum (no pun intended) to begin such an endeavor. But, Ignacio Cervantes (owner of Malex Hotel and Internet) has volunteered to direct the program. The students must provide their own instruments since the grant money will pay for the instructor, who is a notable music teacher in the area. We have just a few students, but we think starting out small, with just those who are very serious about it, is best. Here is how you can help us. If you have or can obtain any new or used instruments, perhaps you could fit them in your suitcase on your next visit. In order to keep the program up and running, we really do need more money also. Should you like to assign any monies that you donate to the library specifically to this project just let Carole or Nancy know in a short note to them with your donation.

Our lovely neighbor, Cati Ruvalcaba (partner of Julien, owner of UN SUENO) is giving art workshops weekly at the library. The children are enchanted with her. Each Wednesday, she spends the afternoon with them for reading, discussion, and drawing. THANKS CATI!

Many thanks to our regular volunteers, who despite the summer rain, mold, and heat, are keeping the library in tip top shape. As many of you know, Carole is no longer living in San Agustinillo on a full time basis. She still acts as director and will be active in all library programs with the help of several dedicated and delightful volunteers: James Arnott, Melissa Ibberson, Laura Pooley, Joerg from Cerro Largo, Cati Ruvalcaba, Paulina Van Drent, and Ignacio Cervantes. Carole is in daily contact with them, wherever she goes, and is dedicated to keeping the library as an active part of the San Agustinillo community.

Aimee Pickard continues to give her time and talent to the library with each visit. The children look forward to Aimee's visits and workshops. You can see the fruits of their labors hanging in their homes and businesses........weavings, drawings, etc. THANKS AIMEE.

These are difficult times for all of us, but since the latest 'flu scare', Mexico has suffered a huge economic "golpe" (as we call it). Rest assured, it is as safe to visit Mexico as anywhere. As always, you will be welcomed with open arms by everyone.

We at the library appreciate your donations of time, books, art supplies, musical instruments, and of course, monetary donations. YOU are what keeps the library going......we hope you won't forget us.

You can donate by a check, made out and sent to Nancy, by paypal (sanagustinillo@comcast.net), or cash in any currency to any volunteer!

Carole, Nancy, the library volunteers, and the community of San Agustinillo look forward to your next visit. We continue our dedication to provide you and your families and our community with marvelous books....which is, and always has been, our primary goal for the past 8 years.

Sincerest wishes,
Carole Reedy and Nancy Foertsch



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