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The botanero is a type of restaurant that is found in the Colima area, especially in Comala. Bottles of local alcoholic beverages may be ordered that come with an assortment of botanas a no additional charge. The drinks include ponche de granada (pomegranate punch) and drinks made from tamarind, dried plums and other fruit, as well as tuba, an alcoholic drink made from palm sap.

Botanas are appetisers that may include fried tacos, enchiladas, ceviche tostadas, cheeses, and salads. However, the botanas have become quite popular and are more appealing than the alcohol to many of us so you can purchase an assortment of botanas and make a meal of it without the alcohol. The dishes come to your table a few at a time so you can work your way through the assortment.

A typical botaña dish

Sign at Don Comalón's

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