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Driving in Mexico

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AHA Insurance
Driving Laredo to Huatulco
Driving Laredo to La Barra
Driving Mexico City to Oaxaca
Should I Rent a Car in Oaxaca?
Highway 131, Oaxaca
Highway 175, Oaxaca
Highway 200
  Hwy 80, Jalisco
Car Rental Tips
DGDC Mexico Driving Calculator
Road Signs
Motorcycle Diary
Motorscooters in Oaxaca
Driving Oaxaca to San Cristóbal and Palenque
Traffic Control, Mexican Style
  Rules of the Road in Oaxaca
Seat Belt, Cell Phone and Speed Limit
Visitors' Comments
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Vehicle Entry Requirements

Personal Entry Requirements

Entering Mexico

The Open Road

The Hazards

Traveling at Night

Personal Pit Stops


Getting a Traffic Ticket

Police Roadblocks


Mexico City

Stop Signs

Enjoying your Trip

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