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Highway 54/110 Travel Log Southbound

Highway 54 connects Guadalajara, capitol of Jalisco, with Colima, capitol of Colima state. From Colima, highway 110 continues south to the Pacific Coast first to Cuyutlán and then Manzanillo.
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Kilometers/ Miles
Guadalajara 20°38'N 103°25'W
Elev. 1553m/5095'
36 km
(351 remaining)
22 miles
(218 remaining)
The route begins in the southeastern section of Guadalajara (Mexico's second largest city) at the intersection of highway 54 and Anillo Periférico. Within Guadalajara, highway 54 goes by the street name Adolfo Lopez Mateos. Anillo Periférico is an outer loop encircling Guadalajara.
Junction Hwy 80
20°23'N 103°34'W
49 km
(315 remaining)
31 miles
(196 remaining)
The route crosses Lago de San Marcos and the northern portion of Lago de Sayula.
29°40'N 103°31'W
Elev. 1350m/4429'
46 km
(266 remaining)
29 miles
(165 remaining)
Sayula turnoff
19°50'N 103°31'W
18 km
(220 remaining)
11 miles
(136 remaining)
Shortly after the Sayula turnoff it is possible to exit onto a bypass around Ciudad Guzman. Both routes pass Laguna Zapotlán. Ciudad Guzman is one of the larger cities on the route with a year 2000 population of 90,363 and is the birthplace of mural artist José Clemente Orozco.
Ciudad Guzman
19°42'N 103°28'W
Elev. 1507m/4944'
28 km
(202 remaining)
18 miles
(125 remaining)
The active volcano Nevado de Colima and then Volcán de Colima are visible off to the right.
19°32'N 103°30'W
32 km
(174 remaining)
20 miles
(107 remaining)
The tollroad bypasses the town of Tonila, which is just north of the Jalisco/Colima state line.
19°24'N 103°31'W
Elev. 1122/3681'
(142 remaining)
32 miles
(87 remaining)
The route passes the Colima airport on the left. Colima is the capital city of the state of Colima and one of the oldest cities in Mexico. In Colima, change to highway 110 to continue to the Pacific Coast.
19°14'N 103°41'W
Elev. 723m/2372'
44 km
(90 remaining)
27 miles
(55 remaining)
Leave Colima south on highway 110.
18°56'N 103°58'W
Elev. 55m/180'
10 km
(46 remaining)
6 miles
(28 remaining)
The route reaches the Pacific coast at Cuyutlán.
18°55'N 104°04'W
Elev. 3m/10'
36 km
(36 remaining)
22 miles
(22 remaining)
Highway 110 continues along the coast to Manzanillo.
Manzanillo 19°03'N 104°20'W
Elev. 95m/311'

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