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1995 Earthquake
Melaque, Jalisco

October 9, 1995

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On October 9, 1995, a magnitude 8.0* earthquake centered 19.055N 104.205W (15 km east of Manzanillo) at a depth of 33 km caused extensive damage. The quake was one of the strongest of the century. One witness who was in a palm grove reported seeing an earthen wave 4' in height cross the grove. The seas receeded from the bays and then returned as a 25' wave. These photos were taken by Nando Kosonoy of the Terraza Kosonoy as the seas rushed onto the Melaque beach. The Terraza Kosonoy is the beachfront palapa shown in the photos.

*This data is from the USGS. Various agencies report somewhat different magnitudes.

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