Clay Henry III
Clay Henry III is the Mayor of Lajitas. The previous mayor was Clay Henry II (no relation). Clay Henry I did run for the office but was never major. He was defeated by David Tinsley in a 12,000 to 1 landslide that set the town of 200 reeling.

The popularity of the Clay Henries is attributed to the ability to take a longneck beer, drink it dry, and toss it aside. "Claytie" charms visitors with this feat several times a day.

There is an offspring, Clay Henry IV, who may be the sole heir to the mayorship due to the November 27, 2001 incident in which a vandal removed Clay Henry III's ability to reproduce. Lajitas constable Richard Hill retrieved the evidence from a dumpster and the vandal was identified. Allegedly, the perpetrator became upset when beer that he had purchased was given to the mayor.

You can find Clay Henry III in his office next to the trading post in Lajitas, Texas.

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