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Posada las Mazuntinas

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January/enero: "We loved our little paradise 'palapa' on your beautiful property, but it's your kindness and considerate attention to detail that has us looking forward to our return" PL Canada

February/febrero: "Staying in (las Mazuntinas) made a big difference in Mazunte . . . the house we stayed in was like a palace for us!!" D & F Argentina

February/febrero: "We liked every little detail. We would recommend Posada las Mazuntinas to everybody and we only hope to be lucky to stay here again." JK Canada

March/marzo: "You have a wonderful posada in a spectacular corner of the world." DH NY, USA

March/marzo: "Posada las Mazuntinas is a cool place to feel the 'Pacific vibe' of the area. David & Tiki make it even more memorable (especially) the hospitality which isn't the Mexican strongest virtue. Carry on." AK Slovenia, Europe

April/abril: "Mazunte special and Pasada las Mazuntinas best. Very quiet. Enjoyed a lot. Please keep posada forever." OG Mexico

May/mayo: "What a pleasure it has been staying in a mini paradise. The room is very comfortable and very private, perfect for that ultimate escape . . . We will never forget this place and will definitely recommend this sanctuary to everyone." S & L Ireland

June/junio: "Your posada is amazing! We have had an unforgettable honeymoon with you both in Mazunte." ML USA

July/julio: " Muchisimas gracias por una malavillosa estancia en las Mazuntinas y gracias por una nueva perspectiva de la salud." V & J Mexico

July/julio: "Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality and all the personal attention that really makes the difference." NW VA, USA

August/agusto: "Gracias portado, la estancia en las Mazuntinas fue muy agradable, es un sitio en verdad hermoso y comodo." M. Mexico, D.F.

August/agusto: "The (Palapa Mar) cabaņa is one of the best places we have ever been (and we have traveled a lot!)" S. S-B Espaņa

September/septiembre: "Thanks for all your hospitality and help. We had a great time!" MT Israel

November/noviembre: " . . . all the sweet homey touches, the beauty of the lush vegetation, the privacy and the sensitive responsiveness to our needs." RP CA, USA

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