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Bungalows Orientales
Melaque, Jalisco

(315) 355-5751, 355-5750 684-3482 (fax Attn: Bungalows Orientales)
Abel Salgado #9
San Patricio, Jalisco
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Palm-shaded pool area at Bungalows Orientales. The beachfront hotel is located east of downtown on Abel Salgado Velasco.

Visitors' Comments

My wife and I just returned from a month's glorious vacation in Melaque. We stayed at the Bungalos Orientales. On our second our room was targeted, the door was forced open with a screw driver and we were relieved of our laptop, VISA and cash while tanning on the beach. The hotel moved us and upgraded our room which we were very thankful for. They promised to pay us for half the value of the laptop before we left and would pay us the rest upon receiving receipts. The day before leaving the hotel managers called us into the office and handed us a cheque for 5,000 pesos in compensation with the explanation that the laptop should have been in the office safe. Next they made us sign a note stating that we would not make any further claims against the Bungalos Orientales. The laptop was worth close to $4,000.00 Canadian. Needless to say we were not thrilled by the treatment we received from Bungalos Orientales. We had been told by another hotel owner who was gracious enough to be our translator at the police station for 3 1/2 hours that the owners were responsible for replacing stolen items and not to worry. Despite the loss of over 10,000 photographs and all my business records I held onto hope but Bungalos Orientales disappointed us. Melaque was a wonderful place to visit, a Great Place to relax and visit for a month. We particularly enjoyed the TOMZAP party at Bigotes.

Bruce B.

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