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Sueño del Mar

Chahue Beach condo and penthouse for sale and ocean view property in Residencial Conejos

Contact:   Birgit
Telephone:   (248) 851-9433 (USA)
Email:   VillaK@aol.com
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  • 2 luxury condos/penthouses
    • Locations in Huatulco Chahue Beach and Santa Cruz Beach
    • All condos are completely ready to move in and enjoy
    • Tasteful designer furniture,
    • Exquisite artwork,
    • Gourmet kitchens--everything included!

  • 1 building property
    • Located in a top residential area "Conejos"
    • Ready for your dream home

Casa Anita

Los Suenos

Ocean view lot For Sale

Huatulco is the first community in the Americas to achieve Certified Status under the Green Globe Community Standard in 2006. Located along the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, this city includes 52,500 acres and 36 beaches, with 70 percent of the land preserved in ecological reserves.

To achieve this award, Huatulco made major strides in key areas including reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, reducing waste, improving energy efficiency and improving management of freshwater resources. Cultural and social aspects were also evaluated. The Huatulco Green Team's strategies included providing environmental education to students at local schools, organizing community seminars and conducting clean up campaigns to promote waste reduction.

Chahue Beach received the Blue Flag Award

Beaches are awarded the Blue Flag based on compliance with 32 criteria covering the following:

  1. Environmental Education and Information
  2. Water Quality
  3. Environmental Management
  4. Safety and Services
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