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Hotel Barcelo with golf course in background

In January 2005, the Barcelo experienced a high rate of occupant illness. See reports from the Visitors' Comments.

As of 12/3/99, the Sheraton has been taken over by Barcelo Hotels.

As of 7/1/04, the Action Sports scuba facility with the well-liked Carlos Ramos is no longer located at the Barcelo. I'm not sure about the quality/safety of the new scuba facility. If you dive here, ask for proof of certification. The new scuba facility will be providing free snorkeling gear, kayaks and sailboats to the hotel guests under the all inclusive packages.

The Barcelo has been popular with people visiting this web page. Located in the Tangolunda section on Paseo de Tangolunda, the hotel features a beach, tennis, water sports, scuba, golf, fitness center, bath tubs, night life, tours, wheelchair access. Recommended.

You can search for comments about the Barcelo in the Visitors' Comments and there is a particularly good one here.

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