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Well Tom, I've digested all the 50 or so of "my reasons" to go to Mexico. Boy that is a lot of stories. It's been a real-experience! Thanks so much for your postings. This all started after being bumped from America West because of a NASCAR race in Las Vegas. There were four of us coming back from La Manzanilla. -UNOBOCA

Deb Calderon!

I have been to Mexico for love and would rule that out as something I would do again. I have been to Mexico to work on my Spanish, and will continue to do that. I have been to Mexico to escape and will always do that. But this time I am drawn to Mexico for another reason.

Last time I was in Mexico I saw a small mango grove for sale. I don't know anything about mangoes, but I thought it would be really something to own a mango grove. In fact, I can hardly keep the plants on my balcony alive and mangoes aren't all that fresh when they arrive here, but the ideas captivates me.

It may not seem like a very important reason, but it is a way that I can create something interesting in Mexico, and maybe actually do something with mangoes. It didn't seem as if too many people were interested in buying this place, but I looked at it every time I went by it on the bus. They say that when you are ready the lesson appears. Perhaps there is something more to mango growing than I know. Anyhow, it might change the direction of my life, who knows?

Deb Calderon

YOURS IS THE BEST REASON At least, changing directions in ones life may be like growing a beautiful mango tree. Well cultivated and properly watered at the right times could grow you the mangoes of your dream.... Happy Vacation! -UNOBOCA

From the Flight Voucher Giveaway contest (ended October 1, 2000):

One of the readers wishes to give away a voucher for a flight on America West Airlines to the person who gives the best reason for wanting to vacation in Mexico. America West flies to Manzanillo, Colima, and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, among other destinations. See the America West web page for more information on their destinations and schedules.

The voucher is good for one round trip to any America West destination including connecting flights (America West). An additional charge for taxes and booking fees may apply, but the booking fee may be waived if taken directly to an America West terminal.

I have {one} voucher from America West Airlines. I can give it as gift to whom I wish. The flight expiration date is on 3-2-01. What if we announce that anyone with the "best reason" for wanting to fly to a vacation in Mexico will be given this gift? Sound wonderful?

August 2000


To check out the Colima Volcano and enjoy the sights.

Tom Parise

My husband & I are planning a trip to Barra de Navidad this February & would love to have our daughter join us. If we won this free ticket, we would lovingly give it to our daughter so she could join us. Thank you for your consideration.

Dori Vanderzwan

My reason is.... that I lived in Mexico 16 years ago near Manzanillo. I would like to visit that area again where I worked with the nicest people for a six month period. They have all probably grown like I have but it would be fun to find the little village south of Costa Careyes and see who is still around. I will be sailing down to this area and need a flight ticket back to Los Angeles. Mexico is always in my heart and that is because it is the people who make it so. They are warm and friendly and so is their country. Aloha.

Ally Coppedge

My reason for wanting to win a chance to fly to Mexico is this: I visited Melaque in March of this year and fell in love. I fell in love with the town and the people. I am of Mexican heritage and never gave notice to my ancestry. After visiting, I have become very involved in issues that Mexico faces. I am a single parent that works 4 jobs and goes to school full time. I was recently added to the dean's list at my college but I never knew what my major would be. I now know that I would like to study Mexican history and cultural anthropology. I would like to tie in my studies to make more north American people understand the issues in Mexico. I was trying to make enough money to go to Mexico this winter, but that won't happen. I have to pay for school etc. with a free ticket I could go though. I would use the opportunity to learn more about the town of Melaque and more about the culture, I feel that growing up in America has privileged me enough to blind me of the culture and country my ancestors come from. I also think I deserve a vacation because I work endlessly all the time. I give everything I do all of my effort and that sometimes tires me. My kids are very smart and well-behaved. One of my jobs wants me to buy into the business, which I will do by working even more hours. I would feel privileged to be invited once again to this beautiful country. Thank you for your time.

Elisa Gomez

Hello, I'm Louie Robinson, I just want to get back to Zipolite, to get my life back in order that place always seems to do it for me, but lack of funds doesn't allow me to as we speak, so I would like to say from my heart, thanks for a try at this wonderful offer of yours. Peace.

Luther Robinson

I love Mexico more than any other spot in the world and if I didn't have a job and a wonderful family here in Minnesota I'd move there! So I have to settle for one week a winter in warm wonderful Mexico -far away from the snow and cold of Minnesota!

mary stebbins

Lay on the beach, play in the ocean, enjoy the sun, drink gallons of tequila and xxxxx as many senorita's as I can (for free)- that's why.


I am 17 years old and the reason I want to go to Mexico is because my friend and his family are going and I can't afford to go there. I am a senior in high school and I can't even go on the senior trip to Cancun. I just think it would be totally awsome to go to Mexico for once in my life. My frined says he has the best time of his life every time he goes. All of his family goes and his family also wanted me to go. That would be the coolest thing to me in the whole world. I would love to get out of California for just a few days. Thank you very much.

Morgan Millar

When I have been invited to work for a year at a university in Mexico in late 1992, I had almost no idea about what Mexico is. It happened that I stayed there for a much longer period than I originally planned. I left Mexico in early 1996 being completely fascinated with its ancient history, and feeling that I really love these people. While I was there, in Mexico, I always had a feeling that some day I will return back there and I will see the same places again. I love you, Mexico!


I am so bummed ....my divorce is final in October and I just feel the need to get away and be a tourist I have been to Mexico in the past and loved it I stayed in Melaque and had the time of my life....I need to find some piece of mind and am hoping to do just that.... I need to feel the sun on my face and the sand between my toes I need to go where I can afford to spend the night in a hotel and have a little fun.

Troy Kindred

I would like to go to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, because I am sick and I don't have any medical insurance, so I can only afford a doctor in San Luis Potosi. If I could get to go I would be the happiest person on Earth!!

Ildelisa Cortez

I love Mexico. I haven't been there since approximately 1993 and I've never been to a coastal town. Also, I haven't had a vacation since summer, 1997 when I attended my parent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration (is that really a vacation?). I desperately need a break but have been spending everything extra trying to catch up on some bills that nearly got the best of me a couple of years ago. What better place to take a much needed (and deserved) break (and rest) from the work-a-day world than in a beautiful Mexican resort town.


I purchased some land in Puerto and need to return to see if it is still mine. During this time I divorced my husband who was unfaithful while I was doing Peace Observation in Chiapas to help the Mayan Indians. I have been waiting three years to return and do not have enough money to do so. A ticket would be great and would really appreciate the opportunity to see if my land is still mine. The realtor will never return my calls or faxes.

Sincerely Annie Aird

annie aird

I work for a private boarding school in the cold mountains of North Idaho. The school houses troubled teens who are either violent or suicidal. Most have been on drugs in the past and would be dead if not for the opportunity of coming to our schoo. I have been here through several cold, icy Winters without a vacation away from the area due to the fact that my salary is less than half what I would make in another area. But the students need someone who cares about them working with them in the school, so I stay. I cannot afford to take a vacation and pay for airfare too. I would love to go somewhere warm and sunny, as it will be snowing and freezing here in February and March of next year. I have always wanted to go to Mexico, where the sun shines, the beaches are inviting, and the pace is slow. I move at a breakneck pace here all the time and wonder if I will ever have the opportunity to slow down and take it easy again. This would certainly allow me to relax...something I haven't done in a long, long time.

Judith LeBlanc

I live in Alaska where we get 5 1/2 hrs of daylight in the winter. We had 10 feet of snow fall in 36 hrs last year. I live in my rain gear and hip boots all summer. I haven't had a tan except for my face and hands since I went to Barra 3 years ago.


I need holiday from the horrible winters of Saskatchewan, Canada. I can think of no other place that I would rather be than in the warmth of Mexico. Relaxing under a palapa with a cerveza.

Lorie Brennand

I could go on and tell you about my past lives, my abusive relationships, my pets (did I mention backing over my dog?), the fact I live furthur north than Prince George, B.C., my attorney Bernie, my grandparents who incidently have all died, how I long for personal and spiritual renewal, you get the idea. The fact of the matter is it's racking my brain as why someone would like to give away this ticket. Whats the catch? The cynic in me suspects that my already flooded email address will no doubt be furthur inundated with spam emails. My next guess is this reader has way more money on his/her hands than I do. That being the case I suppose I want to fly to a vacation in Mexico because its there, Orizaba that is. I intend to climb the 18,000+ ft volcano and a free flight would greatly increase my chances of standing at the top. At that moment I will be the highest person in North America (that doesn't sound right).


I took a two-week trip to Mexico in 1987. I flew into Mexico City, traveled down to Acapulco, up to Zihuatenejo and back to DF again. I must tell you that during those two weeks I felt more alive, more in touch with life, then ever before or since. I joked with Mexicans at the time that I must have been a Mexican in a past life because I felt at peace in a way that I never had before. Since that very memorable time in my life, I have had many ups and downs. I've had false starts in career choices, relationships, and life decisions. I've never quite felt as centered as I did during those two magical weeks in 1987. So, I guess I want to go back to Mexico to recapture that time, and perhaps to get back in touch with the vitality that I felt at that time. My hope would be to then distill exactly what it is that makes me feel so at home in Mexico, and bring that insight back home to Massachusetts. Perhaps it will represent a turn in the road that will bring me back to myself. Thank you.

Brian E.Moore

Since I left my abusive, alcoholic husband in February I have moved three times (for the sake of my cats); have suffered chronic head pain which is going away. The lower my stress levels, the better it gets. A trip to Mexico could be the cure. My cats (Inspector Clusoe, Kato, and Digit) have given me permission to get away for a bit. I need a vacation.


Hi there....

My name is Ceasar Rodriguez, I am 22 yrs old, and I would like to share my excitement for this ticket. As of 09/18/2000, I will have been dating my best friend Rosie Enriquez for approximately six months!:) She is a warm young woman I met in church almost two years ago. Monday, I'm going to have lunch with my Pastor (Rhett Spivey) and set a date to propose to her. I'm thinking in about 3 weeks(I want the engagement to involve all of our friends and family). However, I have only five hundreds dollars saved up. The wedding will more than likely will be 3 months after the engagement, which is really putting a pinch on me. I feel I can save up enough for the wedding, but I have no idea how I'm going to make the honeymoon. I help my mother out financially (whom I do not live with)every paycheck I get, so I'm limited as to how much I can save. My goal is to take her to Manzanillo, Mexico. My relationship with Rosie is really special and very pure. I dream of the day when we can finally share our first kiss (Our wedding day of course:)). The Irony of all of this is that my best friend(Mike Septer)has enough frequent flyer miles for one free round trip ticket. I'm almost positive(in fact i'm praying about it) that he is going to give it to me as a wedding gift. If I can find a way to fly for free, then I hoping I can get a second job that will pay for the remaining honeymoon fees:) It means everything to me to be able to give her the world.... please help. Thank you.

Ceasar Rodriguez

I have a three and two year old children, a husband and a dog. I have not been able TO USE THE RESTROOM without any or all of the above for the past four years. Alone, at last, in las playas de Mejico, would be my dream come true.

Lily Lomeli

On this website you will find a reference to the medical supply crisis in La Manzanilla, a small coastal city near the larger city of Manzanillo. We began sharing this information after we heard of a child who was stitched with sewing thread borrowed from a local woman because there is such a critical lack of medical supplies in this community. Now we have questions all the time about how these supplies can be transported. We have lost our contact for these supplies through the Canadian couple we met on that trip but people are willing to donate their own money and we continue to build our network of help from the north. I would like to return to see first hand how our program is doing and how we can improve these services. Please contact Tomzap for more information and ask the winner, if someone else is chosen, if they would participate.

Jodi Johnson

We will already be in Mexico from Dec to April. Would really like for our son to be able to fly down and visit with use as we live an ocean away from each other.

andrea wood

I want to leave the US to escape the election bullshit.

Stew Oldford

I live in Prince George, BC, where this year summer was a Wednesday in July and fall is Sept.15-17 from 8-4pm. The rest of the year has been rain and then snow. Spring is ice season when the snow melts and then freezes into an urban skating rink. After a couple months of ice fog mixed with pulp mill smog, the thought of a vacation in Mexico where I only need ONE layer of clothes/shoes/etc. and put ice INTO my drink, instead of heating it in the microwave,- that sounds like a bit of heaven on earth.

Alec McKay

I have visited my parents in Barra de navidad with my two little boys who love it there very much as do I and I would like to go again this winter so the boys can continue their association with the Mexican way of life and they can get away from our harsh winter in Canada for a short time.

Helen Henshaw

Because I'm being evicted from my home in San Francisco AND my work studio was flooded last week. I've been battling with landlords and lawyers for 4 months and I NEED A VACATION! I'm planning on flying to Manzanillo area this winter and staying for a couple of months. Soy chicano y quiero Mexico!


I have been a graphic design student for the past year and a half and worked full time. I have gone to school year round and I still have a year left. I do graphics for a company that supplies informational video for most of the major cruise lines on ports around the world. Alas I do not recieve discounts of any kind. I research ports around the world and have always enjoyed doing ports all over Mexico. I do not make very much because they know I don't have my degree yet. It would be great to actually see some of the beauty I have researched about Mexico. I also have another reason for needing a plane ticket. My 88 year old last surviving grandfather is sick and I am trying to plan a visit, but I can't afford the plane ticket and a hotel.

Charles Bergenstock

I just got out of an 11-year long relationship with a chronically depressed person who was slowly making me crazy. I was never "allowed" to take a real vacation, particularly not Mexico, and certainly nowhere else that required a passport. So, I moved out, got my passport renewed, and want to go to Mexico to experience some art, food, and culture - things that will renew my soul and spirit. I'd be delighted if you selected me as the recipient of this voucher.

Gretchen Kubacky

My husband is a vendor at the local Farmer's Market in Olympia, Washington. The Market is open from the first weekend in April, four days a week, until November, and then two days a week until Christmas Eve. The Market season is consumed with long days either trucking fruit across the state two to three days a week, vending at the market --- and some days to attend to the paperwork and ordering. I work full-time. In the non-40 hours, I tend livestock and handle the gardens on our small farm. My husband and I manage to have an incredibly dismal record of managing quality time together in this period.

The upside of the market business is January and February, when it is closed. Then we are able to take a trip together and reestablish our bonds. Our wish is to go to Oaxaca, Mexico, where we spent our honeymoon. Although we can manage tickets to Mexico City, the airfare on to Oaxaca is a hindrance. If a voucher could be awarded to at least one, we would be able to rebond and reinvigorate!

There are many more worthy causes beside which this request is ridiculous, but I imagine that part of the promotion is to encourage future use of the airline. And I have family up and down the coast that need to be visited regularly, and I fly to the East Coast at least once a year. So, I have to try, yes?

Mikel Baxter

I'd like to go to Mexico in January because temperatures here in Tok, Alaska, can be as low as 70 below at that time. At that time of year we only get about 4 hours of light so it's nice to get out somewhere warm and get daylight. The winters here are very long and it helps to get out to just save my sanity. Last year I went to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán and had a great time so I'd really like to get back to Mexico again.

Margit Gericke

I am a single parent- I am pretty content in my life but my son will be spending his first christmas at his dads this year, and I will be alone. It would be great to have that week to relax and enjoy myself, rather than sit home and think about what I'm missing. It would make the holidays a little happier. Not to mention, I would never be able to afford it normally. Thanks for your kind offer, and the chance at a little piece of paradise. What a nice thing to do for someone.

Juliet Butler

My one reason for wanting to fly to a vacation in Mexico is as follows. Naturalbeautyactivitiescultureclimatecuisinebeachesrelativelylowcost.

mitch bernstein

I need a break from ordinary life. My body requires some needed rest and I know Mexico is the only place that always provides stress free vacations . I will jump of happiness if I ever won your free voucher and I promise you to have lots of margaritas to your health.

Javier Perez

I am 47 years old. I have raised four children, 3 neices, a nephew, and one grandchild (for part of her life). In the middle of all this, I had a 5 year battle with Graves Disease )a thyroid disorder.But I won! A after having to have my thyroid destroyed with radiation. I have worked for 27 years at my job and never been able to go on a "real" vacation. I have always thought I would go on a trip to Mexico if I was to ever be able to fulfill that dream! I had started making plans to go with another couple to Barra de Navida. I was informed that the plans had changed and they were going to go to Cancun. Needless to say...not in my budget! So on to the computer I went to see what was out there for me. Alas!!!!! I discovered an opportunity to maybe make my trip alittle easier if I were the one to have my flight paid for! So, here was my story, short and sweet! And ever so anxious to see Barr de Navidad!

Pamela King

I live in Dallas and my mother lives in Fairbanks, Alaska; therefore, we do not get to see much of each other. My mother gets very depressed and cold in the dark, cold north and would like a break from Alaska's dreariness. We would like to go some place this winter and spend some time together.

Petra Moessner

I have just experienced a devastating divorce and need to experience a renewal of my spirit. I've been wiped out financially and I'm trying to get back on my feet. To win an airline voucher to Mexico would be an omen that all is well in my life.

Michael O'Brien

I have been to Mexico for love and would rule that out as something I would do again. I have been to Mexico to work on my Spanish, and will continue to do that. I have been to Mexico to escape and will always do that. But this time I am drawn to Mexico for another reason.

Last time I was in Mexico I saw a small mango grove for sale. I don't know anything about mangoes, but I thought it would be really something to own a mango grove. In fact, I can hardly keep the plants on my balcony alive and mangoes aren't all that fresh when they arrive here, but the ideas captivates me.

It may not seem like a very important reason, but it is a way that I can create something interesting in Mexico, and maybe actually do something with mangoes. It didn't seem as if too many people were interested in buying this place, but I looked at it every time I went by it on the bus. They say that when you are ready the lesson appears. Perhaps there is something more to mango growing than I know. Anyhow, it might change the direction of my life, who knows?

Deb Calderon

My husband and I have traveled to Mexico on several occasions. Each time we go we stay somewhere less touristy than before. We would love to take our son to Mexico with us next time we go so he can experience the beauty of the country and its people. A free ticket would help us out tremendously. By the way, my son is going to start taking Spanish in school so we can brush up on it!

Susan Perrigo

I want to return to Barra de Navidad as soon as I can. My dear and wonderful friend Mary passed away in June and my close amigo Aly passed away in August. I have had a hard time accepting their deaths and i yearn to be in Barra, to walk our beaches, go to our favorite spots and say a tearful good-bye to them. I want to surround myself with the people who loved them, to be hugged by their friends and families, to somehow not feel so lonely for them. I just want to say good-bye, adios Mary and Aly. My heart is a peace when i am in Mexico, everything about it feels like "home" to me and I know some calm. I think your giving a ticket is wonderful and I hope you have a delightful time deciding the winner.


I would like for my Mother to return to Manzanillo because her visit there shortly after my father's death 5 yrs. ago, restored her own will to live. My mother loved and cared for my father through years of alcoholism and a brain aneurysm that left him with severe short term memory loss for the last 18 yrs. of his life. (He was a beloved, gentle, man, but troubled physically and emotionally.) After his death, she openly questioned why she should continue to live. We were stunned that the rock of our family could feel this way. My brother and his wife convinced her to go to Manzanillo with them and she came back with a renewed spirit. She still talks about watching the fisherman along the ocean pull in their nets, walking through the streets and marketplaces and the loving people she met. She had never traveled outside WI, but somehow that place felt like home to her. She felt free and whole again. I would like to take her there again and have been searching in vain for affordable airfare. My Mom is selfless, intelligent woman, with a quick wit, who helps care for my ailing family members. She even donated her kidney to her brother restoring life to him. She does this with a glad heart and would not have it any other way. She has never asked for favors from anyone, and does not waste time feeling sorry for herself, but I could not resist writing to you on her behalf, because of what this particular place means to her. What a wonderful gift you are giving!

Monica Weber(Joyce Moore/Mom)

We are getting married in Manzanillo this January. Some family and friends are also joining in for the fiesta. Friends of ours married in Puerto Vallarta 2 years ago, and it was beautiful. Our flight is booked, so there is no backing out now. We just want it to be very special, and remember it forever.

Dawn and Tom

The best reason that I should win this free trip to Mexico or anywhere is because I really, really, really,..... Want to drink beer on the beach with Dave because I miss him (and Kim)..... Love you both,

Ophelia West

Ever since my first visit to Mexico, I felt that I have come "home", I that I have such peace. It's just that simple.

Bonnie Connelly

I haven't taken a vacation in 5 years. All I do is work work work. My mom said she would pay for a vacation if I would just take it (she really can't afford it). Last week I won a vacation to Las Hadas, for 5 days, on Bid4Vacations.com ($201.00). Winning the air fare would be more than a dream, it would be a miracle.

Kent Guymon

I do not have any sob stories about why I need to go to Mexico- I have been to Cancun and thought it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. They told me that Cancun was a joke compared to Oaxaca and that is why I would like to go there. I don't have a lot of money and I think that I would appreciate a free ticket more than anybody.


My first trip to Mexico was to Ixtapa several years ago. On the way, I was reading from my Fodor's travel guide about "... once you travel to Mexico and get the dust and spirit in you, your soul will never find rest again until you return." Oh how true. Over the years, I've went to the popular beach destinations only wanting to experience more of an authentic mexican beach town. I know that Huatulco will be one of those destinations. There is so much to gain from a visit to Mexico, that everyone should plan on it, if even once !

Keith Ross

My reason is the same as it has been for the last 7 years. I live in Wisconsin and the winters have been hell for me, not so much physically as mentally. I get depressed because I have so little human contact. I am an unemployed radical sociology instructor who is estranged from his family and needs to find people and a purpose. Going to Mexico has helped to keep me sane, not only when I'm there but during the planning and the aftermath. When I find fellow travelers, as I have 3 times on the Green Tortoise, it is even better. If I get the ticket, it will be put to very good use, I can assure you. Thanks.

Bob Johnson

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