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Aero Vega Flight from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido

by Salz Weir
Email: salzweir@gmail.com
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The flight was quick, maybe 35 minutes. Smooth, except for one drop as we were crossing over the Sierra. The windows were scratched and the view was poor, but I looked out the front window -- I sat right behind the co-pilot. Heck, the plane had seven seats, so everyone had a window seat -- except my poor wife, who got stuck into a sort of rumble seat, way back.

The pilot did everything; I mean everything: the copilot read her newspaper the whole way. I got to see the pilot do all the controls: two handles controlling the engines, one controlling the flaps, and a wheel I could not figure out what it was for [pitch trim -Tom].

The flight was exciting. Being able to see the pilot and feeling how small the plane was, made for a completely different sensation than flying even a 50-passenger jet. I highly recommend the flight, and AeroVega. The cost was 1,000 pesos for a 35-minute flight. We left our B&B in Oaxaca City at 8am, landed in Puerto around 10am, and got to Tabachin in time for breakfast (that's a whole other story).

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Salz Weir
New York City
January 2008

Aero Vega gets ready to fly at the Oaxaca Airport   More Photos

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