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Gear-up landing in Puerto Escondido

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Aero Morelos and Puerto Escondido Airport personnel did not want photos taken of this landing but one unhappy passenger couldn't resist. Here's what happens when you forget to put the landing gear down. Not considered really dangerous in a small plane like this, but a terribly expensive way to land a plane. Notice the bent prop tip. The unhappy-looking guy on the right is the pilot.

Puerto Escondido is only 45 minutes away from Oaxaca (city) by air, as opposed to an 8-hour drive through the beautiful Sierra Madre del Sur. See Transportation for information on air carriers.

Gear up landing at the Puerto Escondido Airport (PXM)

From the Puerto Escondido Visitor's Comments:

The only drawback to our trip was the day trip we decided to take to Oaxaca city. We took Aero Vega to Oaxaca on a Tuesday and the ride was great. Small plane, which made it exciting, and the pilot was excellent. However, on the trip back on Aero Morelos the next day, the pilot forgot to put the landing gear down. The next day we heard that the airport, or whoever, was putting out a story about calibrated landing lights. Not true. There was also two gentlemen from Oaxaca and a priest on this plane. Strangely, this was the second time this year that the priest had had this experience. We all knew that the pilot forgot. It would have been much more scary if we had known what was going on, but we weren't even sure til we exited the plane. As we hit the ground, the pilot slapped his knee. It was pretty obvious then that he had just remembered. As we were skidding across the runway, the plane started going towards the right and we noticed that the propellers were bent. It came to a stop on its own and we all exited the plane as fast as we could. No fire, thank goodness. The worst thing about this was that NO ONE from the airline to the airport personnel asked if we were okay. The only words from them were no pictures. Well, we have pictures.

P Miller

June 1997

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