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A Visit to Chiropractor Juan José

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Chiropractor: Juan José 045 (315) 106-9134. Casa de Sobado La Pareja, Calle 16 de Septiembre #7 in Jaluco. Going towards Manzanillo, after the second tope on the highway in Jaluco, make a sharp left at Christi's Depot onto a paved street. His place is on the right hand side a little way down. He has a sign outside. Limited English. $75 pesos/hr. Recommended.

What a great website. Been using Costalegre all this time and it is great too - but just discovered yours when I was searching for a Chiropractor on Friday.

Stay at Laguna del Tule believe about 6th or 7th year. Came here to visit a friend for a couple days after being in PV for 15 - 16 years and the next year never went back to PV except to fly in and out. Don't know what I did to my back over the past couple weeks but thought I was going to die. So I went to Juan Jose in Jaluca and had the taxi follow your very precise directions.

Just about died again when we found the place but figured nothing could be worse than the way I was feeling.

What an experience !! And although I am absolutely terrible in my spanish communication it was great.

I walked out of there feeling I figured 40 percent cured - walked out of there and a few blocks over to a restaurant across the highway never feeling so good in 2 weeks. It just keeps improving and I am going back again for a second round.

He charged 120 pesos for the hour which included relaxant pills. Of course I tipped him generously.

Everyone here said I had to go to Chiuatlan or Manzanillo and I just felt I couldn't travel that far the way I was feeling.

Thank you so much for the recommendation.

PS just starting a bit of a website initially intended for blogging - but still practicing on it so got a bit of everything on. I will link to you.

Thanks again.

Gil H
February 2011

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