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Medical Care in Ajijic

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My Doctors are Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez, his son, and his son's wife (also doctors) at the Ajijic Clinic and Hospital. and they have givin me wonderful treatment. Once in the hospital for pneumonia (my total bill was $358.00 US) and they take credit cards. I had excellent care. Dr. Alfredo also referred me to an orthopedic surgeon (he is at the Ajijic Clinic on Saturdays). This was Dr. Armando Ahumada (his cell phone is 045-333-8146917) who brought his entire surgical team to the Ajijic Hospital where I had a TOTAL knee replacement. I was in the hospital for 3 days and he AND Dr. Alfredo visited my house to see how I was doing after the surgery. I had excellent care and highly recommend these Drs and the Ajijic Clinic and Hospital.

Kelly Grier
San Juan Cosala
November 2007

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