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Pre-Hispanic Medicinal Herbs

A list from the Pre-Hispanic Herb seminar by Sra. Ofelia Banderas presented at the 2002 Food of the Gods Festival in Oaxaca, Oaxaca

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For stomach pain:

For acidity, heartburn, gastritic pains: For colesterol: For the nervous system: Kidneys: Infections, disintegrates kidney stones, cleans the urinary tracts (bladder and kidneys) swollen kidneys Ovaries, uterus, menstruation problems: (painful, too much or lack of) tumors, menopause. Masculine impotence: Heart: Adjusts the heart rhythm, improves the blood circulation, reduces the stress, facilitates sleep, and gets rid of the sensation of lack of air. Muscular pains: Arthritic pains: Liver: Cleans the digestive system, gall bladder, heartburn, hepatitis. Diabetes: Restores the flux of insuline and cleans the pancreas. Immunologic system: Lose weight: Hair dye (black):
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