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If you are using Windows on your computer, there are a number of special characters that you can use by holding down the ALT key while entering a 4-digit code. Some of these are listed in this table.

Type ALT + the 4-digit character code:
0241   ñ0209   Ñ0150   –0149   •0177   ±0188   ¼
0225   á0193   Á0151   —0169   ©0183   *0189   ½
0233   é0201   É0145   '0174   ®0247   ÷0190   ¾
0237   í0205   Í0146   '0153   ™0215   ×0176   °
0243   ó0211   Ó0147   "0163   £0181   µ0185   ¹
0250   ú0218   Ú0148   "0164   ¤0248   ø0178   ²
0161   ¡0126   ~0167   §0216   Ø0179   ³
0191   ¿0182   ¶0162   ¢1002   Ω
There is also an online tool for typing Spanish special characters created by Tomasz P. Szynalski.

In case your web browser does not display some of these characters properly, the first two columns are Spanish characters and punctuation. In the third column, 0150 is an en dash, 0151 is an em (longer) dash, 0145 & 0146 are open and close single quotations, 0147 & 1148 are open and close double quotations. In the fourth column, 0149 is a solid bullet, 0169 is the copyright symbol, 0174 is the registered symbol, and 0153 is the trademark abbreviation. Columns five and six are math/science symbols.

There may be some variation in these codes from one font to another. To see a complete listing, use Windows Character Map charmap.exe that comes with Windows and read the character code for the selected character at the bottom of that window.

Some computer keyboards may not have the tilde "~" character that is used in the URL's of some web pages. Just hold down the ALT key and type 0126.

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