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Finca La Gloria

Coffee Plantation Tour
near Santa Maria Petatengo, Oaxaca

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Visitors' Comments

Visitors cool off by the waterfall at the Gustavo's Coffee Plantation.

Photo submitted by Robert R.

From the Visitors' Comments:

There were five of us, plus our guide Mario, in a new Suburban with a/c. The roads were scary at times. A stop in a small village on the way and a tour of its cathedral and a small family-run restaurant. Many beautiful butterflies, birds and trees. The coffee plants were in bloom, having a heavy, gardenia-like fragrance, and Bo got a chance to see the grocery store mangoes and bananas hanging from their actual trees of origin, along with cinnamon, almonds, and vanilla. After hiking a bit through the plantation, we took a short drive to the waterfall. It was beautiful, chilling and fabulous. We were soon joined by a dozen or so native children, who were happy to demonstrate the many acrobatic diving feats we might not attempt ourselves. We all thought this was the best part of the day. For once, we were outdoors and cold at the same time! Dona Gloria and Don Gustavo were hosts for a superb lunch, and the ride back down the mountain did not seem as long as on the way up.

Robert R.
Garland, TX

June 1998

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