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A Trip to the Mountains

Sierra Madre del Sur, Oaxaca

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Let's, make a little trip to the mountains. We leave Chacalapa [a few miles north of Pochutla on Hwy 175] and drive toward Oaxaca. After about 3 miles we get to a bridge where we get off the road and walk up-river for 5 minutes. There inbetween huge rocks is a small waterfall and pool . You can enjoy a swim or relax in the cool shade of the tropical forest. Back on the road driving through lush vegetation for about 20 miles we get to Candelaria, a coffee-growers' village. Here is the last gas station on the ocean-side of the mountains.

After another 10 miles on an always climbing road is a junction where a dirt road leads us to Pluma Hidalgo. This village with it's cobblestone streets lays right on a hilltop from where you have a great view of the Pacific Ocean coastline reaching from Puerto Angel to Huatulco. Although there is a hotel and lots of reasons to stay a day or two I wouldn't recommend to stay there (in the hotel).

Back at the road junction we can see some buildings in a valley right beneath the road. It's the coffeeplantation named Copalita near the river with the same name. The owners Don Carlos and Doña Helena are a very nice couple who would happily point out some interesting spots you can walk to. Back on the road we climb through ever changing vegetation and with spectacular sights right to San José del Pacífico [photos 170K] at the very top of a mountain passage. It will take us about 3 hours to get there. If you like it fresh and cool you're just at the right spot. I can be warm on a sunny day, but the weather can change in no time and you'll be glad to have a sweater or perhaps a glass of strong mezcal. There are several differently-priced accommodations, but the best I encountered and most expensive too is the Puesta Del Sol about half a mile out of San José toward Oaxaca. There you can rent cabins with hot water and a fireplace. From the restaurant nearby on a clear day you can catch one of the most spectacular sunsets you will encounter.

This is the end of our trip, but in this short narration I hope you got hooked on the magic and can explore for yourself soon.

Tom Bachmaier
Rancho Alegre

October 1995

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