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Laguna Ventanilla

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Laguna Ventanilla, is an estuary that supports a whole community of people who in turn are striving to conserve the ecosystems there. The community consists of about 20 families, all related and working together to protect their area. Laguna Ventanilla is also home to crocodiles, nesting birds, turtle eggs that are deposited on the beach, etc. There are tours offered in lanchas are all done with oars only, to not damage the estuary and plant life there.

See aerial photos of Laguna Ventanilla.

Entrance to Ventanilla

Rowing through the estuary at Laguna Ventanilla

Mangroves of Ventanilla

Sunset at Laguna Ventanilla

Laguna Ventanilla Tour

Thanks goes to Kali López, kali@vissionsd.com.mx, for providing information and photos of Laguna Ventanilla.

For more information see www.puertoangel.net (link).
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