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Large Lot for Sale

Se Vende Terreno Grande

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  • Large lot: 7872 square feet
  • Carrizalillo area
  • Incredible ocean views
  • Publically recorded deed and proof of property taxes paid annually since 1997
  • Ideal for small hotel, condos, large home, several bungalows
  • No agents
  • Terreno grande: 2400 metros quadrados
  • Área de Carrizalillo
  • Vistas increíbles
  • Escritura pública y pruebas de prediales pagados anualmente desde 1997
  • Ideal para hotel chico, condos, casa grande, varios búngalos
  • Trato directo

Located between Puerto Angelito, Playa Manzanillo and Playa Carrizalillo with easy access to all three beaches.

A 22-minute video about Puerto Escondido attractions

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