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Photo by Diana Ricci

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, from the approach to Panajachel. Guatemala is a good "other place" to visit in person.
(To prepare for your trip, check out the Guatemala Living and Lifestyles Newsletter, a wealth of gossip, current events and practical info.)

Below, are some good places to visit on the Web.

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Other Places to Visit

Friends of Ours with Something to Offer:

Common Front Against AIDS is raising money by selling donated numbered prints by Maestro Rodolfo Morales.
Sachmo Gallery and School, offering classes in fine and folk arts at reasonable prices in a pleasant setting.
Casa Colonial, one of Oaxaca's premier b&b's and tour planners.
Seasons Of My Heart Cooking School features the best of traditional Oaxacan cuisine.
Oaxaca on a C.D., a tour of Paradise with lots of practical info.

Sites Specific To Oaxaca:

The Pottery of Southern Oaxaca: Eric Mindling's excellent site includes his tales of hunting for traditional pottery in the back country.
Pictures of Oaxaca, from Curt Rosengren, travel photographer.
Oaxaca Tourism And Travel Guide and Forum, an excellent one-stop shop for Oaxaca information and conversation.
State of Oaxaca Tourist Office (SEDETUR), the official travel site.
Oaxaca Live, contains a lot of good practical information about being in and getting to Oaxaca, including "Ask Maria".
Oaxaca-Market, a site dedicated to helping indigenous craftspeople preserve their way of life.
EDUCA, a self-help organization working with communities in the southern mountains of Oaxaca, from the perspective of one of its Maryknoll worker families.
Piña Palmera provides a home and a school for differently-abled children on the beach in Zipolite.
Sites specific to other Mexican destinations:

Las Campanas, food and travel news by an American/Australian couple based in Cuernavaca.
Discovery Cancun, a weekly newsletter about the happenings in the Carribean area.
Pottery of Mata Ortiz, a website devoted to a unique and significant northern Mexico town and its traditional potters and pottery.

Sites relating to Mexico, Generally:

The People's Guide To Mexico, Carl Franz and Lorena Havens' definitive text on Mexican travel, and more. They're my gurus, they should be yours.
EarthFoot, a site for the follower of the road less traveled.
Current Events In Mexican Culture, a newsmagazine.
Escape Artist gives tools and encouragement to the would-be expatritate.
Worldwide Listing of Newsletters, for all those who don't get enough news.
Mexico Connect, the Mexico Magazine, our alma mater and a fine online magazine.
Mexico Mike Nelson, a indefatigable traveler and writer who provides info on spas, and much, much more.
Ecotourism In Mexico, a dense compendium of information and opinion by the man who aspires to be the General Motors of Mexican tourism information.
Virtual Mexico Mall, full of things to buy, to see, to read and to think about.
Open Air Markets Of The World, a nostalgic and up-to-date site promoting and featuring the traditional market.
The Rec-Travel Library, a general site of Mexican information.
Latin American News (Latinolink), sometimes covers Mexico issues as well as its usual fare of Latino affairs in the U.S. and abroad.
Mexico Index(r), a compendium of resources for those who do, or may want to do, business in Mexico.
Mexican Real Estate and Travel, for those interested in purchasing property south of the Border.
Mexico in Spanish (Spin.com), a general site featuring topics of interest in contemporary Mexico.
Burn Anarchist Network, a quirky, anarchist-slanted general site that often has articles on Mexico. [not functioning 12/00]
Guillermo Gomez-Pena, performance artist, internationalist, and architect of the New World Border.
Resource Center of the Americas, a scholarly clearinghouse of articles about the rest of "America".
Mexonline.com, a supersite with articles, business listings, and the Amigo Interactive Bulletin Board.
Hotwired Rough Guide, with sections on Mexico travel.
Storm Warnings: Mexico, a tropical weather guide with up to the minute maps.
Gemini News Service, with articles on Mexico by "progressive" authors, including John Ross.
Universal Currency Converter, available as a "push" email, delivers the latest peso rate to your computer while you sleep.
Pacific News Service, like Gemini, discusses the latest developments in the rest of America.
The Hidden Mexico, takes you to the less known places, and discusses some issues that the tourism folks would rather not be brought up.

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