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San Felipe Neri

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San Felipe Neri is a beautiful church located 2 blocks NW of the zócalo at Av. Independencia and calle Tinoco y Palacios.

The church was founded in the city of Antequera, now Oaxaca, in 1661 and belonged to the congregation of Oratorio de San Felipe Neri. The site is now occupied by a religious hospital in memory to the congregation that was known for their works of medical charity.

Construction of the church began in 1733, and was finished in 1770, except the steeples that date of the 19th century. It was consecrated in 1773, under the invocation of the Virgin of the Patronage and San Felipe Neri. The façade is of Baroque style. In the interior there are paintings that represent the Virgin's Coronation for the Sacred Trinidad, the Rosario's Institution with Sacred Domingo, and San Diego of Alcalá.

In 1915 the grates of the atrium were placed with Art nouveau motifs in the doors. The congregation faded away at the end of last century, the church became administered by the secular clergy, the old casa de ejercicios is occupied at the moment by a Catholic group, and the former convent serves as the hospital Ángel Vasconcelos.

San Felipe Neri is the site of the marriage of Benito Juárez to Doña Margarita Maza July 31, 1843.

Façade of San Felipe Neri
Interior of San Felipe Neri

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