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Sociedad Cooperativa Turistica Nueva Punta Escondido
Puerto Escondido Sport Fishing Cooperative

Avenida Marina Nacional, S.N. Col. Centro
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, C.P. 71980, Mexico

Captain Carlos Sanchez Mendes, President
(958) 21678

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Boat captains with a large tuna

Twelve of Puerto's most successful and professional sport fishing captains established this cooperative in 1995. They have dedicated themselves to providing a safe, professional and enjoyable experience to all visitors to Puerto Escondido.

The cooperative observes strict rules related to public safety and professionalism. Our engines and boats are maintained to the highest standards and every captain must have a radio and the requisite number of life jackets in his boat. Our captains take great professional pride in the number of return customers they have each year -- and the number of friends and family they bring with them.

We have a long and successful tradition in deep-sea fishing (sailfish, marlin, tuna, dorado) but we also offer much more. For families, we offer shorter fishing trips closer to the shore for red snapper, grouper, barracuda and other species, and we are always happy to take guests out to spot dolphins, whales and turtles. More and more women are also "taking to the water" - and with great success! The cooperative also owns a larger boat, the Puerto Fiesta, which can take out groups of up to 45 for special excursions (tours of the beaches, parties, sunset trips...)

To find out more about our services and to meet the captains, come see us at the El Pescador restaurant located at the north end of Playa Principal behind Gina's information booth. This is the Coop's restaurant and we can cook your catch for you the day you reel it in.

Information provided by Pam Devine and Paull Barkell

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