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Hotel Santa Fé

Calle del Morro, Box 95
(958) 20170, (958) 20266, (958) 20260 (fax)
01-800-27057 (Mexico toll free reservation number)
Email: info@hotelsantafe.com.mx
GPS: 15°51.495'N 97°3.544'W
Map of Playa Marinero and Zicatela North
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The Hotel Santa Fe is located on Playa Zicatela where it meets Playa Marinero. Hotel Tabuchin is seen in the background. Ceiling fans, air conditioning, TV's available, restaurant, bar, pool, boutique, internet computers. The restaurant is considered the best romantic restaurant in Puerto Escondido according to the Best of Puerto Escondido and is also mentioned for its Mexican food. Popular; both the hotel and restaurant are recommended. Suites and bungalows are also available. Car rentals.

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