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Feria de Alebrijes

San Martin Tilcajete

Web: www.feriadelalebrije.org.mx
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Feria del Alebrije The first annual Feria del Alebrije is to be held from October 31, to November 8, 2008. The celebration will include music dances, theater, food, and will feature the local alebrije crafts. The event is organized by the Comité Comunitario de Artesanos "Tilcajete". www.feriadelalebrije.org.mx

For the first 5 estranjeros that mention they saw the notice on tomzap.com, there will be a free commerative bottle of mescal. Ask around for Michelle (la Guerra) or Demetrio Diaz-Cueveas. nanuk9@prodigy.net.mx.

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