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Tino is captain of the Ava Marķa in Puerto Escondido.

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Tino and his boat are available for
fishing, sightseeing, etc.
    Tino with
a dorado

Tino, the fishing guide:

Twenty six years ago while camping about 20 miles north of Puerto Escondido on the coast, my wife and I got very sick. We were helpless and if not for the kindness of the local villagers I do not know what would have happened. A particular young man took special interest in me personally during this episode and over the years we have developed a friendship between us.

My friend's name is Tino. About 15 years ago he gravitated to Puerto Escondido where he now captains his own fishing boat and supports his family as a sport fishing guide.

Tino is much more than a fishing guide, his personality exudes friendliness and he is the most patient Spanish teacher that one could find. His boat can be contracted for sight seeing, hidden beach swims or sunset cruises as well as fishing. If you can think of it Tino will do it.

This person grew up an oyster diver and advanced to this captain position. He seems to have crawled out of the sea.

The name of his boat is Ava Maria and anyone on the Puerto Escondido beach can get you to him. Leave directions to where you are staying and any of the fishermen will see that he finds you.

Richard Malmed

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