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Ice Cream and Exotic Fruit Tasting

Food of the Gods Festival Tour 2002

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Oaxaca is known for its culinary richness. This is no surprise due to its well-developed culture date to pre-Columbian times and the abundant and diverse agricultural products. With its tropical location and mountainous terrain, Oaxacan yields both cold-weather and warm-weather produce.

Ice cream is very popular here and there are numerous flavors such as Piña Colada, Tuna (from a cactus, not the ocean) Guanabana Tamarindo con Chile, Limon, Durazno (peach), Mango con Chile, Chamoy, Beso de Angel, Tequila, Fresa (strawberry) Cajeta (caramel), Coco, Leche Quemada (not recommended), Chocolate, Mamey, de Rosas, 3 Leches, Queso, Mezcal, Nuez (pecan), Sorbete, and Beso Oaxaqueño. You can find locally made ice cream in the market and in one of the many ice cream stands in front of the Basilica Soledad. Tropical fruits can be enjoyed in restaurants or purchased in the markets. Be sure to carefully wash purchased fruits with bottled water.

Here are some photos from the Ice Cream and Exotic Fruit Tasting at the 2002 Food of the Gods Festival Tour in Oaxaca City. The festival was an annual event.

Fruit and ice cream ready for tasting

2 kinds of Cactus tuna
2 kinds of Cactus tuna ready to eat

Mamey (left), Zapote, and sugar cane
3 types of bananas

Zapote negro (smooth green skin) and guanabana
Zapote Negro cut open. Oaxacan cuisine has several
black foods.

Sugar cane with sal de Oaxaca
(salt, chili powder, and worms)
Roberto Gavidia at right.


This is tejocote, which is used in marmalade and Christmas punch

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