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Bahías de Huatulco

Bahías de Huatulco refers
to the nine bays that occupy
a 25-mile stretch of coastline
east of Puerto Angel, Oaxaca.

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Bahías de Huatulco is a 100,000-acre development created by the government agency FONATUR. 70% of the land is to be set aside for ecological preserves.

Work on the development got underway in 1983 following the completion of la Carretera Costera (Hwy 200) from Puerto Escondido to Salina Cruz. At this time, the area was sparsely populated with Santa Cruz the principal town in the area. Fishing and farming were the main occupations. The town of La Crucecita [photo 91K] was created to provide services to the development. The atmosphere here is more Mexican with the Huatulco resorts having a more international flavor.

Development will be completed in the year 2020.

The Bays:

    Bahía de San Augustín is the westernmost bay and is remote to the main development area. The town of San Augustín is located here. It can be accessed by a dirt road which exits the Carretera Costera (Hwy 200) near the Huatulco International Airport.
    Bahía Chachacual is three miles east of San Augustín.
    Bahías Cacaluta, Oregano, and Maguey are small bays located 2-3 miles west of Santa Cruz.
    Bahía Chahue is a larger bay immediately to the east of Santa Cruz and close to La Crucecita.
    Bahía Tangolunda, east of Chahue, is where the more upscale resort hotels are located.

From top to bottom: Bahía Conejos, Bahía Tangolunda,
Bahías Chahue and Santa Cruz, Playas Organo and
Maguey, and Bahía Cacaluta.

Bahía Tangolunda

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