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La Crucecita, Oaxaca
Zócalo, or Central Plaza

GPS: 15°45.908'N 96°08.330'W
The zócalo is the center of activity. On a typical evening there will be children playing, parents and grandparents socializing on the benches, and lovers in the shadows or strolling along the walkways. Street food vendors set up in the evenings and there are sometimes special events. The zócalo is surrounded by shops and restaurants. There are also hotels, an ATM machine, and the church with its beautiful painted ceiling.

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The Zócalo as seen from the Hotel Flamboyant, northwest corner.

The church (below) houses the largest painting of the virgin de Guadalupe in Mexico. It is a collective, mostly voluntary work, directed by the painter José Angel del Signo, who lives in Huatulco.

  Parroquia de Guadalupe
Gardenia S/N Plaza de la Crucecita
Bahias de Huatulco, CP 70989
Oaxaca, Mexico

Another photo showing the center of the zócolo in La Crucecita.

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