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La Crucecita, Oaxaca

La Crucecita, Santa Cruz, and Tangolunda are closely located and comprise the resort area known as Huatulco. La Crucecita serves as a support community for the area and has a more genuine Mexican atmosphere. The zócalo or plaza is the focal point of the community enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. A number of hotels and restaurants are located on or near the zócalo. For hotel and restaurant listings, see the Huatulco page.

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San Miguel del Puerto, Oaxaca
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Piedra de los Moros
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  The Zócalo (central square or plaza) in La Crucecita
GPS: 15°45.91'N 96°08.33'W

This church, located on the west side of the zócalo, houses the largest painting of the virgin de Guadalupe in Mexico (see photo).

For a listing of hotels and restaurants in La Crucecita, see the Huatulco page.

See Aerial Photo.

Streets and rooftops of La Crucecita, taken from the Hotel Begonia.

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