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Crocodile Giveaway 2001-2002

All-Natural Bug Discouragement

Dancing Roots
91 Krif R., Keene, NH 03431
(603) 357-5050

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I have given away a supply of 1/2-oz. bottles of Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement to readers who will be giving us feedback on the product.
All-Natural Bug Discouragent

"Crocodile!® is an all natural bug discouragent that drives insects crazy. It is effective on mosquitoes, black flies, sand fleas and other gnats and pests. A single application keeps them away for hours, yet it's safe for the skin and the environment."

To find out more about Crocodile and other Dancing Roots products, visit their web page at www.dancingroots.com.

Their requests are found below. Feedback from many of the participants follows the request.

According to the maker, Dancing Roots, the product keeps bugs away naturally and contains no DEET.

Contains: Corn Starch, Tapioca Flour and Beeswax in an oleaginous extract of organically grown Rosemary, Sage, Wormwood, Feverfew, Lavender, Thyme and Peppermint in Eucalyptus, Canola and Castor Oils.

While I have not had the good fortune to visit the tropics lately, I did manage to establish an impressive indoor mosquito population while wintering some plants indoors in tubs of water. The bites don't normally bother me a great deal, but I was unable to sleep with mosquitoes buzzing in my ears. Tried a dab of Crocodile on each ear and the mosquitoes left me alone.

Let me clarify that this is not my product and I have no financial interest in it. All responses, both positive and negative, have been published below. - Tom Penick

I have been fair game for any flying pest for over thirty years. I checked out the Croc webpage and I would like to take you up on the offer to try a jar. I will use it on my next outing to PE and I will gladly write you a full report as to how it worked.

Bruce E
Laredo, Texas

Feedback: While I have not had the chance to return to Puerto Escondido to try the Crocodile herbal bug discouragement, I did use it recently. I was forewarned that I would encounter killer mosquitoes with landing lights at a remote transmitter site located in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I remembered that I had been to the same location some twenty years ago and I was almost eaten alive.

About one hour prior to arriving at the site I stopped and applied a light application of the Crocodile product. The total time in the field was three hours and I received only one bite on a ear lobe. Upon departure I noted a old water filler tire some 20 meters away from where I was working. The tire was active with mosquitoes some on top of each other.

Two of the locals who were with me spent most of the time swatting while working along side me. I am sold on Crocodile and will be placing a order for a ample supply shortly. As promised I will file my report on how this stuff works on our flying friends in Puerto Escondido when I have the chance. Thank you for the opportunity to try this amazing product. I will be in touch.

Best regards,
Bruce E

I'm going to Oaxaca for three months in January. I'd like to try the herbal mosquito repellent.


I would appreciate the opportunity to try your mosquito repellant. I will be traveling to Melaque. I enjoy twilight walks and spend all evenings sitting out on our terrace... Last year the mosquitoes were worse than I've ever seen them.

Felton, CA

I would be interested in trying a natural alternative to deet for biting insects. I am a frequent traveler to surf spots world wide. I was in Africa this past summer, Florida, and I am off to P.R. in February, and then off to Indo in the spring, real proving grounds for this product.

Pikesville, MD

I'm heading for San Blas, Mexico. I am always eaten alive by the jejenes and would really like to try a natural way of preventing this. I will be glad to write full comments upon my return.

Coronado, CA

I don't know if you have any repellant left but if you do I would like to give it a try. We are going to Huatulco, Mexico, in January and I am VERY sensitive to any type of insect bite. I have even had to have shots for deer fly bites. If you can help, I thank you, if you cannot that is okay too. In either case have a Merry Christmas.

Dale J.
Pine River, MN

I would be interested in trying your herbal insect repellant. We are going to Huatulco soon. We have been going to different locations in Mexico for several years and I have yet to find an insect repellant that really works for me.

Jill S.
Ft. Bragg, CA

Feedback: Hi Tom, Just returned yesterday from Haultuco. Had a great time, wanted to let you know about the bug stuff you sent. It seemed to work as well as the deep woods off and certainly smelled better. I don't think anything really gets those little guys. You can't see them but I am sure they have jaws of steel. The only time we did get bit is when we forgot to use the crocodile before leaving the house.

Thanks again for the sample.

Jill S.

Just saw your notice in What's New. Any samples left? I need it because I spend much of the winter in Mazunte and you know what those just-after-sunset mosquitoes are like. I also spend a lot of the time in the summer on Fire Island in New York, which has marshes on the bay side and therefore lots of nasty mossies.

Best and many thanks for your site.

Joan M
New York City

Ok. If there is one mosquito in a room and 100 people--I am the one who gets bit! My husband says it is because I'm sweet. I don't buy that line for a minute, but there is something about me (and I do not use perfumes or lotions) that attracts all biting critters. I will be driving to Puerto Escondido. I will keep a record of the effectiveness.

Spencerport, NY

Hi! I live in Northeastern Canada and the only thing that can discourage bugs over here ( especially in May- June ) is a product called Muskoil (97% deet). It is effective but if I can find an environmentally friendly product I'll try it.

Sylvain D

Hi, I will be traveling in Central America from Feb to the end of Mar. I would like to try the bug deterrent Crocodile. I would be happy to report back to you on it's effectiveness. Mosquito's love me! I'm not all that fond of them though!

Susan W
Ladysmith, B.C.

Just discovered your site the other day. My friends and I will be heading to Huatulco next month. This will be our second trip, and I just remembered the mosquitoes there. If you still have a supply of the natural bug repellent for testing, I would like to try it.

As I recall, on our last trip, we got quite a few bites. I finally broke down and went to a small shop for some type of remedy. All they had was Solarcaine! I'm sure the woman behind the counter got a big kick out of me asking for "algo para picas de mosquas" and pointing to the bites on my arms and legs! (maybe she thought I was talking about my sunburn???) I'm sure I can still amuse the local merchants with my attempts at speaking Spanish if we manage to avoid mosquito bites this time! Consider me a willing test subject.

Maura (aka María, of the tres Marías)

Response: I wanted to thank you for sending me the sample of the Crocodile insect repellent to try out. I was in Huatulco from 2/17 to 2/23. Unlike my last trip to Huatulco, the mosquitoes really were not a problem at all, so I couldn't tell you how well the product worked. I guarantee you, I'll be in a better position to test it out this summer, though.

Thank you again,

Hi! Saw your offer on tomzap.com, and I must tell you that we would be ideal guinea pigs for your product. My husband and daughters appear to be "mosquito candy" and get plagued by them whenever they are in the odiferous vicinity of mossquitos.

We will be in the melaque area in February, and would be delighted to try in and to give you feedback. We also go to Winnipeg every July (mosquito HELL of Canada, and will try it there for you as well!

Please send a case (ha!) ASAP. Thanks.

Saltspring Island, BC

Update: Tom, the insect repellant didn't arrive in time for our trip, will give you feedback when we go to Winnipeg this July. The "hehemes" in Tenacatita were ferocious!


We are from Alberta and will be enjoying our honeymoon next month (Feb 13-19) in Huatulco. Being from Canada and active in the mountains in our province, we always appreciate good insect repellant. If you have any left we would love to be your willing and humble test subjects. Considering the amount of Corona and lime we intend to consume, it may affect test results however LOL:>). Then again that may be the number one reason for wanting to try it.

Tim and Annette
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Feedback: Used the crocodile stuff. It works. Mosquitos in the evening only.

Tim and Annette

I will be staying in Huatulco for the 2nd time soon. I would love to try your repellant and then will bring some back to the mosquito infested state of Wisconsin! Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I have spent many hours here over the years and just can't thank you enough.

Stoughton Wisconsin

My family is spending a month at Barra de Navidad and have been warned about the mosquitoes. Would love to have a trial of the product. There will be six of us.

Lake Oswego, OR

Feedback: We just returned from Barra de Navidad where we spent the last month. It has been a dry season, so mosquitos have not been plentiful. The no-see-ums were present about dusk every night and the Crocodile Discouragement did its job. Those who used it had bite-free ankles, those who did not, suffered.


I'd be interested in the Crockodile anti bug stuff if the mosquitoes are bad in PE in Feburary. I would test myself and my daughter.

Seattle, Washington

Reply: I didn't use the bug goop because I hardly saw a mosquito last week in Puerto Escondido.

My family that remains has seen a few more bites and promises to be in touch after using it.

Thanks for your efforts at keeping the website rolling.


I'll try anything that will ward off mosquitoes and black flies of cottage country here in Canada. Thanks.

London, Ontario, Canada

I am travelling to P.V. and then onto Melaque and would appreciate using your herbal product. I will not use pesticidal products and have used citronella in the past with moderate and short term results. I would like to compare the results of this product and will let you know. My travelling companion will be using Deep Woods, so it will be interesting to see which of us fares the most mosquito free.

Karen B.
Victoria, British Columbia

Feedback: Thank you for the sample of the Crocodile Repellent received for our trip to PV and Melaque Feb/March of this year. It truly was effective! Every evening as the sun went down the little ankle biters came out, but as soon as I put the herbal sauve on, I was left alone. I think that I was more repellent than my buddy with his store bought product. When leaving Mexico, I left it with others there, guaranteeing its success. Now, I would like some for these Canadian bugs. Mucho Gracious!

Karen B.

I would love to try the Crocodile repellant. My son and I are outdoorsmen, and would love a deet free product that works! Some products can actually melt your fishing line, so they can't be too good to keep on your skin.

Scott H.
Hinckley, Illiois

Hi, Tom, enjoyed your site. I will be coming to barcelo huatulco beach resort feb 21st. The dreaded mozies love my wife and so it would be great if you could send a portion to the hotel for us to try. Will certainly inform you if it does the trick.

Peter J.
Leicester England

Feedback: We arrived at the Barcelo and the next day your parcel arrived intact. You were right we did not need the Crocodile around the hotel and on the beaches as the breeze kept the midges away. When we went into the villages and the outback however it proved its worth. We were not bitten. Thank you so much for sending me the pack.

Peter J.
Leicester England

Hi - My daughter and I will be coming to Barra de Navidad in May - will the mosquito's be REALLLY bad then? Even if they're not - I'd sure give your product a good try, my daughter is very allergic to bites and would find it a great help - thanks.

Nanaimo, British Columbia

I am going to Mexico and Guatemala this summer for three months and would like to have an alternative to bites as I don't use products with DEET. Thanks.

Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks for your offer of the free Crocodile Herbal bug juice. We'll try anything!

My sweetheart and I will be traveling to San Blas, with my parents. Probably just telling you that will be enough to explain why we need the miracle juice! Seems like the first thing people say when I tell them our Mexico destination is "Take lots of DEET". But, I hate that stuff and would really like to find a workable alternative.

We're going to San Blas because of the birds, and I guess the birds are there because of the bugs, or at least for the same reason as the bugs. Birdwatchers can't really do their thing without being outside, often in exactly the places that the jejenes are likely to be the most vicious -- so we should be good test cases.

When we visited Belize last year the four of us fell victim to hordes of no-see-ums that turned our bodies into mutilated itching messes. In the evenings at the lodge, visitors spent as much time comparing welts as exchanging stories about their exciting bird sightings. I'd just as soon talk about ibises as abscesses.

Although my Dad promises to bring along cortisone in case we get really uncomfortable, I'll try anything AND REPORT BACK.

Thanks! Sandy T.
Seattle, WA

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