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Departamento de Asistencia Turística

Murguia No. 206
Oaxaca, Oaxaca
(951) 516-0123, 516-0984 (fax)
Web: http://oaxaca.gob.mx/sedetur
Email: info@oaxaca.gob.mx
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Ecotourism advocate, Ron Mader, confers with the Jefe del Departamento de Asistencia Turística, Ma. De Lourdes Moreno Flores at the tourist office.
  The tourist office is located a block and a half east of M. Acalá on the south side of Murguia. This is 3 blocks north of the NE corner of the zócalo.

This office is here to assist you, the tourist. You can find plenty of brochures and other materials here as well as helpful people and there is a gift shop too.

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