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Casa Vista Linda

Contact:   P. Mattingly (principals only)
Telephone:   (801) 554-4799 (USA)
Email:   pmwheels2000@yahoo.com
Web:   picasaweb.google.com
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  • Unusual hexagon shaped house, open floor plan on two levels with 10' glass walls, about 2,000 sq ft on each level
  • 2 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath
  • Outside garden shower
  • Located near center of town on a cliff over the warm Pacific Ocean near light house
  • Top floor is master bedroom / office
  • You can throw rocks into the ocean from each of the two patios
  • Surrounding garden has bananas, coconut, hybiscus, jasmine, gardenia, lime, papaya, avocado, lychee and coffee growing along with many flowers
  • Located at end of a quiet, dead end street
  • Off street parking
  • View of Puerto Escondido bay, Zicatela Beach and whales in season
  • Telephone, Internet connections
  • Modern kitchen, Bosch 6 burner stove/oven
  • Price US$425,000

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