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Puerto Escondido

Playas of Oaxaca - Aerial Photos

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Map of Puerto Escondido Centro
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Playa Carrizalillo at right

Playa Carrizalillo with La Jolla at left and Villas Carrizalillo at right

Villas Carrizalillo at center, Condominiums of Carrizalillo at right

Condominiums of Carrizalillo at left

Playa Manzanillo and Puerto Angelito

Villa Puesta del Sol is located at lower right.

Casa Vista Linda is a 2-bedroom 3-1/2 bath clifftop home for sale overlooking the ocean in this area but not shown in the photos.


A closer look at the Eglantina

Lighthouse and Andador Escénico. Accommodations here are Acantilado, Casa Vitus, Casa Linda, and Casa Maravilla.

A closer look

Playa Principal

Playa Principal, a closer look

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