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The Zócalo of Oaxaca

The street sweepers, with their twig brooms, are out every day cleaning the streets around the Zócalo. The Jacaranda trees, which bloom between January and March, add a striking mauve to the scene.
This marimba band plays almost every night in front of the Del Jardin bar/restaurant.
Many poor children frequent the Zócalo. These two wanted something to eat, and my friend Daniel shared his ear of corn with them.
This woman is from the Isthmus of Tehuantepéc, south of Oaxaca city. Their traditional huipiles are very colorful and add much to the passing scene.
The State Concert Band plays almost every Sunday at 12:30 noon on the cobblestone street between the Zócalo and the Cathedral plaza, under the Indian Laurel trees.

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