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Crocodile Giveaway 2003

All-Natural Bug Discouragement

Dancing Roots
91 Krif R., Keene, NH 03431
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In the 2003 Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement Giveaway, Dancing Roots gave away 50 2-oz. samples of the roll-on discouragement to readers who promised to give feedback on the results. This year, due to EPA regulations, samples could only be sent to U.S. addresses. The requests are found below.

All-Natural Bug Discouragement

"Crocodile!® is an all natural bug discouragent that drives insects crazy. It is effective on mosquitoes, black flies, sand fleas and other gnats and pests. A single application keeps them away for hours, yet it's safe for the skin and the environment."
To find out more about Crocodile and other Dancing Roots products, visit their web page at www.dancingroots.com.

2 oz. Roll-on
Dancing Roots, maker of Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement, previously gave away 1/2-oz. bottles of their product to readers of tomzap.com in return for their feedback. You can see the results of the 2001-2002 giveaway here.

According to the maker, Dancing Roots, the product keeps bugs away naturally and contains no DEET.

Contains: Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint, Corn and Castor Oils.

While I have not had the good fortune to visit the tropics lately, I did manage to establish an impressive indoor mosquito population while wintering some plants indoors in tubs of water. The bites don't normally bother me a great deal, but I was unable to sleep with mosquitoes buzzing in my ears. Tried a dab of Crocodile on each ear and the mosquitoes left me alone.

Let me clarify that this is not my product and I have no financial interest in it. All responses, good or bad, are published here. --Tom Penick

Crocodile Requests and Feedback


I would like to receive a sample. I am a commercial fisherman in New York and have to deal with many bugs during the fishing season. I would like to test out this non toxic product.

J Cohen
Staten Island, Ny

As you will recall, I participated in your product give away last time, and as promised I filed a report. I will be heading back down to Puerto, soon and I would like to evaluate the new roll-on offering of Crocodile. Again, I will promptly advise as to how the product performs. Thank you for giving us a chance to sample these products.

Bruce Miller Earle
Wimberley, Texas

I'm not sure when this Crocodile offer was made available, but am definitely interested. We have done a fair amount of traveling along the east and west coast of Mexico and plan to do much more. Have been searching for an effective non-Deet based repellent. I had heard of your product, but have not yet had the opportunity to try it. Our area of Texas has some pretty mean buggers. We would appreciate the chance to give your Crocodile product a try, if a sample is still available.

L Levin
Plano, TX

Will be leaving Seattle March 8, 2003, to visit friends living beach-side in Melaque, Mexico. During my three week stay, will be exploring Costalegre north and south, and should have ample opportunities to try your "jejene potion". Also fish during summer months in the Washington Cascades and British Columbia, where I am considered a "norweigian feast" by the local mosquito population. Really like the idea of an organic product, particularly if it gives results claimed.

J. Pedersen
Seattle, WA

Request: I am going to Melaque in March of 03 and would be interested in trying out the repellent. Also, I live in Minnesota, Land of 10 million mosquitos, and would like to see how it works in a real bug zone this summer.

C. Pearson
Minnetonka, MN

Feedback: When we were in Melaque last March we didn't run into many mosquitos, so nothing to report down south.

Up north in Minnesota the past few weeks I have been using the Crocodile lotion with excellent results at my cabin on Mille Lacs Lake. I have put it on when the mosquitos have been swarming me, one body part at a time, starting with my legs. The mosquitos immediately stop landing on my legs, then I do the arms and neck and they quit landing in all the areas have lotion. It's nice to be using a non-toxic product.

C. Pearson
Minnetonka, MN

The only thing that seems to work somewhat, is OFF, and it is not very effective. I'm continually reapplying, and it is a real pain in the you know what. I would love to try Crocodile roll-on. Anything to keep those darn bugs away from me. Thanks in advance,


I would like to receive one of your free Crocodile Bug Discouragements, if still available. I returned from PV in January with multiple bites from no-seeums. In Minnesota, the mosquitoes are really nasty in the summer and they simply love me. My husband says he takes me along so the mosquitoes will leave him alone. I will be glad to share my results following the Minnesota summer of 2003. Thanks.

N. Thomas

I have been reading your board for about 4 years now. I own a home In Puerto Escondido and visit there often.. I would like to sleep outdoors in my hammock...listening to the ocean...looking at the moon... etcsome nights.... but the mosquitoes make that impossible.

If you would send me a sample, I will run the field test when I return there in April. Thanks for your consideration,

B. Miller
Danville, California

Hi, My husband and I travel to Mexico often. He suffers from large welts when he's bitten and often he can't sleep for being buzzed. We'd rather not use toxic products and would love to try Crocodile. Thanks for the free sample!

K. Moskowitz
Boiceville, NY

We will be traveling to Hutaulco in June with our kids, ages 8 & 11. I am always worried about using repellent on the kids with all the chemicals etc. Your product sounds very interesting - and we would be happy to try it while we are there. We haven't been to Huatulco in June before, but I know when we've been there in May there were lots of little 'no see ums' out at night which were very bothersome.

we also do quite a bit of hiking here in the mountains where we live. We'd be happy to give it a try here as well once winter is over, to see how your product does on the high mountain variety of mosquitoes.


G. Anderson
Park City, UT

Request: Hi I would like to try your Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement because I am looking for a new Herbal bug solution. I am currently using a repellant that contains deet and really dries out my skin, but it's the only thing that seems to work right now. I live down in Barra de Navidad year round, and while we have lots of mosquitoes now, there are going to be even more in the summer months. I was using a natural product called Chao that worked for a short time but the mosquitoes seemed to develop an immunity to it quite quickly. I also tried a natural product I bought from Essences while visiting Vancouver, but the mosquitoes here just laughed at that one.

I don't know if you will send the product to Mexico though?

Nan Niemela
Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

Feedback: Hi, Nan Niemela in Barra de Navidad here. My friend from San Francisco brought down my sample pack of Crocodile bug repellent a couple of weeks ago. I am pleased to say it works very well, just as well as the deet product I brought from North America. It keeps all of the mosquitos at bay, it smells really nice and feels it good on my skin. I like the product. Now, just have to find a source for it down here.


Just returned from Huatulco (7 trips), tried to get the Crocodile but not enough time to ship. I seem to be the 'one of the few' that the mosquitos bite at Tangalunda Bay, although our December 2002 trip everyone on the beach had bites !!! I take 'Deepwoods Off", (somewhat effective!) well one suitcase was lost this February trip, showed the following day, so I picked up 'Autan' brand bug repellant, still got the bites !!! Will have to find something for next December. Regards,

T Welch
Cowichan Bay B.C, Canada

Well Tom I'll bite in response to this offer, we are going to Melaque March 2/03, maybe too soon to get a trial sample, frankly the mosses don't bother me all that much but they can be a bother more to my wife than me, anyway look forward to the opportunity to try it.

B. Greenwood
BC Canada

Hi there, I am heading back down to La Manzanilla in the near future and am VERY reluctant to use any of the typical chemical bug repellants. Too dangerous!

So, I would love to try your product and let you know how I fare with it.

L. Baril
Comox, BC Canada

Tom, I'm headed back to Puerto Escondido again in April and would love to try your herbal insect repellant. My wife has complained for the past 2 years of the "no-seeums" and small pesty flies at night nippin at her legs and would welcome some relief. Will be glad to give you 10 days of feedback. Thanks,

K. Swart

Hello: I am leaving for Mexico on 3/13 and would love to try your product. Last year I was bothered by a very tiny biting bug that were in swarms. Very itchy little guys.

P Shea
Gladstone, Oregon

The timing could not be better....I just booked a flight this morning to Manzanillo (Barra bound) and distinctly remember the welts I sustained one night, after many cerveza- a deep sleep, and forgetting to get my poor winter battered body under the 'pabayon'. Knowing full well that this may occur again this year.....it would be fantastic to have this repellent. Cheers,

L. Horner
Gabriola Island, British Columbia

Hi, I and my wife are frequent visitors to Jalisco and south and spend 3 to 4 months in Boca de Iguanas area where insects of all types abound. We like to camp out even though we have a trailer and access to rooms, etc. I like to paint seascapes and the local flora and fauna so a good repellent would certainly be welcome. We also have a place in San Carlos, Son. which also has many biting insects. Thanks for the offer.

N. Arena
Tucson, AZ

I would like to give your product a try,and would appreciate the offer. I spend time in Mexico most winters, and the idea of natural insect relief really appeals to me! I am a health care worker,and am most interested in the fact that it is all natural and no toxic ingredients. I will spread the word if I see good results. I also saw your website and was interested in the products you carry.

B. Chapman
Squamish BC

Hola, I used to be an adventure tour leader in Mexico in the early 90s, so I spent a great deal of time camping in mosquito country. I never used repellent as I have heard that DEET is real nasty stuff, especially if you're using it for prolonged periods of time. For some strange reason I seemed to build up some sort of resistance. Even if I was bitten, I would get very little itching, swelling, bite marks, etc... Well, things have sure changed. When I now head south to mosquito country the mosquitos treat me the same as they did the tourists I used to lead. Maybe the little buggers can sense that I am now a "desk-jockey"! Anyway, I would love to try Crocodile; especially since I don't like putting toxic chemicals all over my body. Thanks.

M. Bobich
San Diego, California

I would love to try this product. I'm headed to Barra/Melaque area with my two grandchildren in a couple of weeks and this would be great to try.

V. Weiss
Fairfield, California

I leave for Mexico on March 29th. Both my son and I react to Mosquitoes and are always looking for ways to prevent bites. I would be willing to try your product and give you feedback.

M. Gilchrist
Sequim, WA

Hi, I am an avid gardener in Minnesota, but I have to completely cover up because of the mosquitoes day and night. Not only do I get bitten from head to toe, but I then swell up and get slightly goofy from it all. My ankles get it the worst; around the eyes is next. I can't be outside at night in the summer.

I also travel to Barra every winter and have swollen ankles after the first night with the noseeums.

I would be thrilled to try your product and will promptly send feedback. If it works, I would gladly spread the word to my bug-pestered friends. Thanks so much for inventing much needed relief.

S. Fuller
St. Paul, MN

Querria ver si el Cocodrilo esta effectivo contra los zancudos de Canada, EEUU y Mexico esto verano. Gracias. Espero que mi email no esta demasiado tarde.

D. Patterson
Calgary, Canada

Hi, Will be visiting Melaque in April 03' and have been wondering what I could use to keep the insects at bay. I would love to try your all natural product.

T. Wells
Sausalito, California

I'm headed to San Blas, Nayarit this summer to check out the surf there for the very first time. Everywhere I read mentions the problems with jejenes (no see-ums) in that area. Having absolutely no experience in battling these insects, I am very interested in trying Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement. Please send me a sample if you think your product may be helpful.

J. Ferguson
Presidio, Texas

I would love to try your product, been using skin so soft for years with fair results, love to try something else.

Rich N.
Olympia WA

Request: I would love to give this stuff a try! I'm heading to Manzanillo in April and hope to be one of the lucky ones to get a sample of Crocodile. On past trips to the tropics I have found myself of going through a daily ritual of stepping out on the patio to be sprayed from head to toe with some awful smelling bug repellant. And to find later that the bugs have bitten me even when using repellant. The daily ritual continues with me being rubbed down with an anti-itch cream to try to keep me from scratching the welts.

Thanks for hearing me out.


Feedback: It worked really, really well. The mosquitoes weren't very bad in Puerto Escondido, but they were miserable in Mexico City and the Crocodile worked wonders. Thanks.


I'm heading to the southern coast of Mexico during the hot, humid, rainy season when mosquitoes seem to be at their worst. The opportunity to save myself the aggravation of sleepless nights due to the continual itching I seem to experience from bug bites would be a godsend. Please, please, please save me.

K. Smith
Beaverton, OR

Hi Tom, I would like to try the Crocodile Bug Discouragement. My brother and I are headed to Costa alegre on March 15 2003 for two weeks. Last Feb I went to Honduras. I have enjoyed your website in the past as well as in planning for this trip. I want my wife to try it (though she's not going) because we live in Washington, and she is very sensitive to chemicals. Maybe I'll have some good pics to send you.


D. Enslow
Wenatchee WA

My wife and I are headed to San Angustinillo for the Spring. Any bug juice available for experimentation? We have tried "natural" stuff on canoe trips in the Everglades wih marginal results. What you got?

Roger W.
Seattle WA

Tom ~ We will be traveling to Puerto Vallarta on the 22 of March. I have always had a problem with the chemicals in most bug sprays and usually choose not to use them at all. We will be taking our daughter along and would love not to worry about the miserable itching and scratching. I would love to sample your Bug Discouragement. Thank you.

Pam W.
Portland, Or.

Just back from Mexico, the mosquitos loved me. I still have scars on arms and legs. Will be retiring to La Huerta, Jalisco, skin so soft did not work.

Cathy S.
Castle Rock, WA

Hello, I am going to Mexico this month and I understand you have a good, not-so-toxic mosquito repellent...that your giving away? I am interested in trying your product.

Lori K.

I go to south central Missouri regularly in the summer, I would like to test your product there, not only for the mosquitoes, but the ticks too! I am the only one in my family who gets multiple tick bites, no matter what I do. I am eaten by all the bugs.


Bonnie L
Congerville, IL

Howdy- The bug's love to bite me and my kids. I will be in Barra or there abouts in April, and would love to see if I could save myself some pain. I tend to swell up from bug bites. I usually use natural products, but I find them to work for only a short period. Let me test out this Crocodile stuff and I'll let you know what I think. I hope I'm in there.

Many Thanks-

Gina E.
Eureka, CA

Hi Tom, It's raining here in Stockton, CA and it's warm. The sun is shining, all well. In other words the mosquitoes are breeding like crazy. Spring cleaning has included the medicine cabinet, and those containers of generally ineffective or old chemicals are gone.

It would be helpful to start the spring with herbal. We'd love to try Crocodile. If we like it, we'll certainly take it with us to Puerto in June.

Thanks, Ward D.
Stockton, CA

Dear Crocodile-

We'll be in Oaxaca City and on the coast in May & June 2003. Leta Rae gets eaten alive by any bugs near her and dislikes poisons but greatly approves of natural products.

Can we try you out please?

With regards,

Jerry & Leta Rae
Redwood City, CA

Hi, I would like to receive a free sample of the Crocodile mosquito repellent to try. I am getting ready to go to Mexico in the next month and to repel bugs would be a great thing. I will let you know how it works.

Bob M.

Request: Hi Dan: I would love to try your repellant. I am on of the owners of Mexico OnLine (http://www.mexonline.com/) and travel quite often to Mexico. In fact I leave on March 30th for Acapulco, Ixtapa and Michoacan. If it works, I will be glad to spread the news to our visitors.

T. Donovan
Spring Valley, CA

Feedback: Hi Dan: It worked great! I only had to use it one night out of 10 days (only had mosquito problems north of Ixtapa). I will recommend it to my friends and will bring the bottle I have on future trips and reorder when need be, I love the fact it's a roll-on.

Thanks so much,

Hi Tom, I spend three months a year in Barra and would love to try Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement. I read that it is nontoxic and by now I must have about one pint of deet pumping through my veins.

Thank you.

Beth B.
Seattle, Wa.

Request: I would love to try your product. Mosquitoes love me. I am always covered in bites even when everyone else doesn't have a single bite. I live in North Carolina, which has huge tiger mosquitoes, and I travel to Puerto Escondido, Mexico often, so I would like to try your product and let you know if it keeps mosquitoes off of me!


Lisa G.
North Carolina

Feedback: [It worked] very well. I used it this weekend and the mosquitoes left me alone.


Lisa G.

Hi, I would love to try Dancing Root on my husband. The mosquitoes devour him. We go to Mexico 4-5 times a year to our second home in Santiago. He is very allergic to the bites but can't use the Deet based products. When he comes home he looks like he has the measles. It would be a miracle if we could find something that really works. I would be happy to report back to you after our next trip in April.

Thank You

San Jose, Ca.

Hi there, I would like a free sample of your product, for my son as he is going hiking with the boy scouts in his troop and nothing seems to work on him to keep the bugs away and off him. Please let me know if you will send a sample to me or not. Thanks.

Carla W.
Davisburg, Michigan

We are going to Zipolite in a couple of weeks and will be traveling with a child. I would like to try the "Crocodile" on all of us! Hope its not too late!

Shellie H.
Ardmore, OK

We are going to Zipolite in a couple of weeks and will be traveling with a child. I would like to try the "Crocodile" on all of us! Hope its not too late!

Shellie H.
Ardmore, OK

Hello, I live in Savannah Georgia.... birthplace of the sand gnat!! Anyone who has visited here in the spring or fall knows how horrible it can be around here with those no-see-ums. I am always searching for something that will keep these things off of me. I basically stay in the house for about 5 months of the year it seems. I have been using Cutter and Deep Woods Off for years, and I am always searching for something better and safer to use. I came across your site this morning. I'd love to try Crocodile if I am can. Please let me know if the free samples are still available. I will buy it if it is not, so please drop me an email if it is not available so I can go ahead and purchase it from Dancing Roots. Thanks a bunch... this could be a life changer, and if it works you will get tons of business from this area, I'll make sure of it.

Bitten up,
Claude D.
Savannah, Ga

If your offer is still valid, I'd like to try your product. I will be going to a certain beach in Mexico very soon where the lagoon will be right next to my unscreened palapa....In addition to the fact that my daughter took the screen off of my window at home and I haven't been able to chase all those buggers out yet!

John T.
Tustin, CA

Yeah send me some, they say scientifically that mosquitos are attracted to people with a certain kind of PH, some people just "smell" more yummy to them than others, anyway I am a real bug magnet, I am going to Hawaii where it's said you can lose a pint of blood taking a hike through the rain forest.


I am not looking for a free sample. I just want to tell you it works and is pleasant to use. I used Crocodile in the wilderness of Quebec fishing for trout it is the area around the Hydro Generator called Manic 5. Lots of small ponds and lakes with lots of black flies and mosquitoes. I go up when the black flies are most active for better trout fishing. It is so bad I need to wear a net around my head when I step out of the fishing cabin for long periods of time. For short periods I use nothing just Crocodile and it kept the bugs off me. The only protection on my hands was Crocodile and the black flies would land but not bite me. Best of all I could put it near my eyes, nose, and mouth and it has a very pleasant smell. I just got back from fishing and used a 2 year old container of Crocodile and it still worked. My local fishing store does not carry Crocodile so I will go up to NH and get more.

Tom Z
Framingham, MA, USA


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