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Santiago Xanica

GPS: 16°0.5'N 96°13.5'W
Elevation: 4528' (1380 meters)
Population: 746
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photos by John Williams, October 2015

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Xanica (sha NEE kah) is a coffee-growing village located in the mountains northeast of Huatulco. It is a 4-1/2 hour drive over winding, unpaved mountain roads to access this town from the coast, but that is just what some people will do for a good cup of coffee. The coffee of Xanica is considered by some to be superior to that of the more popular and accessible Pluma Hidalgo. You can order coffee from Xanica by calling Imelda at (958) 103-7831. They will roast to order and bring it down to Pochutla.

Feast of Santiago   July 25 is the celebration of the patron saint Santiago. The day is celebrated with a procession, food, dance and fireworks.

There is some unrest due to conflict between the native Zapotec people and the Mexican government. See Report of International Observation Brigate in Santiago Xanica, Oaxaca, Mexico

The church was built in 1820

Interior of the church

City Hall

The road to Xanica