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February 2010
by Tom Penick
Email:   tom@tomzap.com

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Fueling (100LL) is accomplished at the Manzanillo airport by pulling up to the pump at the northwest corner of the ramp. Jet fuel is dispensed from a fuel truck.

Airport ramp and control tower at Playa de Oro (Gold Beach) Airport

Main terminal

Coastal highway 200 midway between Manzanillo and Cihuatlán   19.171°N 104.500°W

Climbing into the foothills, 4 minutes into the flight

Our position, 5 minutes into the flight

Small community in the foothills

Village of Don Tomás, I think, 10 miles north of Santiago, 7 minutes into the flight.   19.231°N 104.392°W

The Río Marabasco marks the border between the states of Colima and Jalisco

A closer look

Río Marabasco river valley

Two small towns, possibly Sehuaya (center) and El Chico (background), in Jalisco   19.314°N 104.302°W

Small town 6 miles west of Minatitlán   19.364°N 104.163°W

Peña Colorado Iron Mine, 3 miles west of Minatitlán   19.381°N 104.105°W

The mine is a mile and a half across. Strip mine operations were begun in 1975. Iron deposits with the minerals magnetite, hematite, pyrite, pyrrothite, grossular, hedembergite, apatite.

Peña Colorado Iron Mine detail

Volcanoes ahead

El Terrero, Jalisco, 45 minutes from Minahuatlán at 2200 meters. This area is within the Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra Manantlán   19.446°N 103.949°W

A closer look. Mountain towns are often spread out.

1 mile east of El Terrero   19.449°N 103.931°W

Coming across the Sierra Manantlán

Looks like an observation tower

North side of the Sierra Manantlán

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