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February 2010
by Tom Penick
Email:   tom@tomzap.com

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Small town 6 miles west of Zapotitlán   19.546°N 103.902°W

Agricultural area

El Jasmín, Jalisco, northwest of Nevado de Colima   19.653°N 103.709°W

Town 3 miles weat of El Jasmín   19.635082,-103.647516

Ciudad Gusmán, with massive greenhouse farms in front

Where we are

19.875°N 103.338°W

A closer look. Can you name this town near the Río San Jeronimo? tom@tomzap.com

Concepción de Buenos Aires   19.979°N 103.261°W

A closer look

Headed toward Laguna Chapala

Laguna Chapala in the distance

Farming communities south of Chapala   20.060°N 103.238°W

Laguna Chapala

Villa Morelos, 3 miles north of Manzanilla de la Paz.   20.057°N 103.145°W

Tizapán el Alto. The level of Laguna Chapala is up after recent rains. As you can see, the shorline is submerged.

A closer look

Southeastern shore of Laguna Chapala, Cojumatlán de Régules region. I wish the quality of these photos was better but it is hazy and we are pretty high up.

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